Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shahrizat Oh Shahrizat

What jihad or holy war? Who is destroying our political stability and prosperity? Which A are you talking about? Pak Lah, Anwar or Your Lover. All have the big A in their names. Sometimes you do not need to shit in your neighbour’s house if you have a clean toilet.

When Mahathir gave you a post, you swear you would resign and migrate if you had to cover your head even with a mere scarf. You condemn Mahathir for holding on to his post too long and had destroyed this country. Then when Pak Lah took over, you condemn and insulted his family and him. You even declare that Pak Lah is a puppet who had destroyed this country. Today you change your tune and declare jihad on Anwar. So if Najib were to become the PM, would you declare yourself a virgin?

Go and make amendment to your own husband and stop screwing around.

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