Friday, August 1, 2008

Staircase To The Premier Seat

Many people are signing at last Anwar is going to contest. Even Pak Lah said in the press conference “Nobody Will Stop Anwar From Contesting”. Would you believe Pak Lah who had in the past never kept his words or promise to us? Pak Lah is a nobody except in name the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Family is the one who decide. Right now the Family and Najib have one common goal and that is to put a full stop to Anwar staircase to the Premier seat.

The family is too greedy and committed to certain parties. Pak Lah has to remain at the seat at all course. So will the Family show how powerful they are. Well we just have to wait a bit longer to see how Khairy and Nazri will use Ezam to the fullest.

In this world nothing is Free but is very Expensive to regret.

This is the month for the soul to seek peace and revenge. Will this month be good to Anwar? His campaign will start on an auspicious day but the time is not right. So he will encounter a big obstacle. But he will have two passing soul who will help him. Come September 2008 he has to stand on his own. I believe that if he realizes and reflect back around 40 years ago, he will understand certain event that will help him.

As for Pak Lah, Najib and Rosmah, the month of August will be their nightmare. Suicide will play a very important role here.

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