Saturday, August 23, 2008

Open Fax To Khairy

Dear Khairy,

You vow to resign as Deputy UMNO Youth Chief if Anwar or PKR takes over the government on Sept 16th 2008. When the time comes I will hold you to your words otherwise you have to face the consequences of your VOW and be curse for the rest of your life. Like your father-in-law Pak Lah, words and promises have no meaning. So far only shit has emerged from your mouth.

My curse to you is that you be blinded for lusting over Mayan Karim, while your wife is pregnant. Your nose bleeds from smelling too many cunts. Your tongue cut from telling lies, after lies and instigating racial disharmony. Your fingers chopped from stealing land, wealth of this country and selling our right to Singapore.

I was not born a Muslim but am a convert. You are born and brought up as a Muslim, but do you believe in ISLAM?

Dian Abdullah

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