Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Prime Minister of Malaysia an Incompetent, brain-less, useless and pussy-whipped bastard

Nazib is a useless, incompetent, brain-less and pussy-whipped PM with no ethics or principles.He has no business acumen to manage the economy. Bottomline, he is synonymous with big-time filthy scandals and corruption on a grand scale making him a disgraceful billionaire. What a shame!!!!
The prime minister makes himself and the country “well-known” in the eyes of the foreign media on a “regular” basis. However, most of the time, it’s for the wrong reasons – most recently in an article entitled “Knives Out” by The Economist.
I quote: “Hardly anyone thinks Mr Najib still has the power or the will to push through the big-ticket reforms he once considered, such as a plan to tone down positive discrimination laws, which throttle growth by favouring the Malay majority at the expense of ethnic Chinese and Indians.”
By embracing reform as a political idea, the prime minister took a good step. Unfortunately, until this point, the idea remains an idea.
Recently, I met two staff members in charge of political affairs from one of the foreign embassies in KL. They asked, do you think the prime minister’s credibility is affected due to the constant negative coverage by the foreign media?
Well, I would think so but does he seem to care?
The prime minister has been under increasing pressure not only from voters and the opposition, but also from within Barisan Nasional itself, including figures such as the former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

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