Monday, February 23, 2015

Folks, only RM1,200 for a dye job at home

Folks let me be honest.  I do envy Rosie sometimes for having so much of money to spend on herself, but what makes me sick is the way she goes around town to boast about her luxury spending. Today she tells the world she spent only RM1,200 for a coloured job on her BALD HEAD. Well no need to rub it in, when we already know how expensive it is to maintain an artificial body.  From top to bottom nothing is natural. I am not surprise her CHIBAI is also fake.
I honestly wish that Politician, their wives and mistress should learn to respect others and not be arrogant and boastful by keeping their MOUTH SHUT about themselves.

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First Lady of Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Malaysia.

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