Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prince William Finally Gets Marry

THE BBC has inadvertently sparked a royal wedding frenzy in Britain after plans for its Prince William "wedding special" broadcast were leaked.

The national broadcaster has for the past few weeks been producing a special on the couple's courtship, charting the romance from when Prince William, the second in line to the throne, met his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

The program, tentatively titled Their Story, is expected to be shown on the night of their announced engagement, The Herald Sun reports.

An executive from the broadcaster was overheard to brag in public that in recessionary times, the public paid-for program would not be produced if the corporation had not been given a wink and a nod.

"Believe me, in these straightened times we would not be spending money on this programme if we had not been assured that they were definitely going to get engaged," the senior executive said.

A spokesman for Clarence House, Prince William's mouthpiece, declined to comment but added it was aware of the program.

BBC has issued a statement saying it prepared for all "different eventualities" although could name any other than the Prince William special.

"The relationship is an area that our viewers are very interested in," is all a spokesman would say on whether the broadcaster had received a particular tip off about a summer announcement

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