Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stupid and uneducated’ people preferred, Tunku Ismail told

A VIP tells the Johor Crown Prince the country's education system will not be improved in order to ensure votes for the government and manipulate the minds of the "stupid and uneducated."
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The country’s level of education will remain below par as it is easier to obtain votes this way and to manipulate the minds of those who are “stupid and uneducated”, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim says he was told by a certain important person recently.
In an excerpt of an exclusive interview posted on the Southern Tigers Facebook page today, Tunku Ismail, who is the Crown Prince of Johor, revealed this shocking answer when he said, “I have questioned a certain important individual, why can’t we improve the education levels?
“The individual answered that it was for two simple reasons, the first is to obtain votes.
“And the second is to make it easy to control the minds of the stupid and uneducated.”
Reacting to this revelation, Tunku Ismail said that what he wanted most for fellow Johoreans was an improved education system so that his people could become more discerning individuals.
“I don’t want my people to be easily manipulated by the system,” he said, as well as by others who “twist and turn from the truth” as well as distract the people from the main issues.
Meanwhile, Tunku Ismail advised the police against arresting anyone who uttered “seditious” statements against him, but to let his critics meet him “face to face” instead.
“I would prefer it if the authorities can organise a meeting for me to meet with these people and give them the privilege of saying what they want to say to my face, man to man.
“I would appreciate it if you can agree to my humble proposal.”
Police recently arrested Mahsyur Abdullah, 29, for allegedly insulting the Johor Crown Prince on Twitter. The suspect was brought to the Johor Bahru district police station to be questioned in relation to the “improper use of network facilities or network services.”

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