Monday, February 4, 2013

Mydin behind PSY

PSY Gangnam style is promoted in Malaysia by Livescape Asia, who are the promoters of Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) and they are one of the main entertainment industry players for the ETP.

Psy is in this region because of Future Music Festival Official in Australia and that (FMFA) is licensed byFuture Entertainment Official to Livescape Asia to organize and promote in Malaysia, supported by the ETP and Tourism Malaysia.

The principal director of Livescape Asia is a young gentleman who is the son of one of the Mydin directors and part of the family who owns Mydin Malaysia. Yes, the same Mydin who is also a lead partner in the retail NKEAs of the same ETP. You know, the people behind all the KR1M and the TUKAR stores.

In Livescape shows in KL, backstage the artistes are given 1Malaysia mineral water. Why is subsidised products meant for the rakyat (to buy at KR1M stores) provided to international entertainment artistes for free?

What is the link between the ETP, Myd1n and L1vescape Asia? One must ask these questions. 1Malaysia damn boleh, oppan...

The total cost for PSY to come to Malaysia is RM40 million included hiring of 2 private jet. Cost is bore by two parties Mydin and Tourism Malaysia. 

Rosmah as usual to upkeep her standard as FLOM will present Psy with a gold diamond watch worth RM2 million. 

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