Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Malaysian Police

Walk into any police station and you will notice the damp patches on the ceiling, the antique fans, air-conditions that is on but not cold and noisy, the broken tables and chairs, walls that crying for new paint, floors that been abused a million times and broken toilets that even the orang utan would not want to use and computers that takes ages to print, my latest experience took two and half hours to print out just one report. Yes this is the working condition of our fantastic police force. Millions are been spent to upgrade the police stations but then when your grandfather, uncle, relatives, friends etc are the main beneficiaries, so eventually many corners are cut or not done as should be.

Today I am writing not on behalf of anyone in particular but am disgusted by the condition of the environment our police personnel have to endure daily, knowing that the top five bosses are too busy looking after themselves especially when their retirement is just round the corner.

For the past five years crimes especially white collar have increased ten fold. The IGP and his deputy have not done anything to stop the growing rate. It is frightening to imagine that despite thousand of reports per day not once is it a priority of the IGP and his deputy to put an immediate stop. The police force pride itself with the latest equipment etc and so called experts in each respective field of crime but are helpless in the enormous white collar crime that besiege our daily lives. Take for example the numerous cheating or money laundering cases. For each and every report of such crime the first step would be to freeze all the accounts and then an immediate forensic accounting to track where the money has gone and put these people behind bars. Be it local of overseas there are plenty of ways. Through local and foreign experts, billions could be traced and brought back home. But the top brass at the police force choose to or rather have the tidak apa mentality like most civil servants who have been taught that the next person will take care of the problem. Like our present government we need to kick out the top twenty bosses in order to restore the credibility of our police force.

The second disgusting and the oldest crime been committed by our police is the accepting of bribes from motorists. It is high time that police cars and bikes be equipped with video so that every movement is recorded when they are working. Every time I go out of the house I witness police taking bribe. It is so sickening. Yesterday and the day before it was a group of six police officers near the Tun Razak roundabout and today in Section 14 Petaling Jaya. I know for a fact that police personnel will go rounding to find suckers especially towards the end and beginning of the month to pay their utilities bills. But please enough is enough. Have some decency and pride.

While it will take donkey years for the right person to really take his/her job seriously in the IGP seat, the morale of the rest of the police personnel is as good as dead.

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