Sunday, December 28, 2008

Internal Affair

I am not taking anyone’s side. But the internal bitterness is something that DSAI have to acknowledge and work out himself. I was part of the reformasi in 1998. I do understand the feeling of resentment and frustration certain parties are facing presently. DSAI has definitely changed. For better or worse belong to ones opinion on what you expect from him.

To have Khalid sitting on the MB seat is the biggest insult of all. He never supported DSAI in private or public in 1998. It was after DSAI had served time and was freed that Khalid became close to him, just because of certain dispute with the government. Khalid has never and will never be loyal to PKR. But Khalid does have a nose for smelling money.

The other issue is a certain top level person who need not be named because he will depart from this world soon.

Small or big whatever the problem, would it not be better if DSAI could spare some precious time to listen to their woes instead of having an attitude that things will work itself out?

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