Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In any organization to be successful, profitable and well run, you need a CEO or General Manager who have the interest of the company at heart, capability and dedication. All these three must go hand in hand. Today many Bumiputra companies are not able to sustain after one or two years. Incapable CEO or General Manager are at the top for political reason or because it a MUST to have a Malay. So if a donkey is the only Malay in the company, that donkey must lead the rest of the human beings.

This is exactly the downfall of UMNO and the thinking of low breed creatures that are bent on destroying this mixed culture of ours. Daily there are doses of unpleasantness which causes us to rethink whether these are actually creatures who call themselves MUSLIM.

Business is business, religion is religion and race is race. When you mix them all up, disaster will occur. Take for example in the case of Shell. Many years ago Shell was run by men who had the experience and know how an oil company works. Then the NEP came in and the number three man being the only bumiputra at the top was promoted as the CEO bypassing number one and two. As predicted Shell success and profit took a tumble within a year.

Look at the brain child of Mahathir, HICOM. How long has it been incorporated? How much of the people’s money have gone in to save the company?

How about Bank Bumiputra, PKNS or MAS etc………..? Track record and past history cannot lie.

This country has gone down the drain and can only be rescue by people who are capable, committed and dedicated and not race base.

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