Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sons Of Sons

It has become a norm in this country to have sons of Leaders going into Politic. I strongly believe this would not be good for the country in the long run. Reason been most of these sons have never struggle in their fight for survival. Meaning these sons were fed with golden spoon from the time they were born. They have big mansion to live in, servants to order around, lavish parties and plenty of sinful money to spent. Never in their days of growing up do they ever have to forgo or sacrifice most necessity requirement so that they can have a plate of rice with kicap for a day.

Take for example my old man. His so-called only son was born with a golden spoon. At the age of 8 years old he knocked and broke a screen that was worth RM45,000, twenty years ago, his parents did not scold nor punish him. Since then till today he had damaged goods worth more than RM20 million and almost lost his life in the process. His yearly expenses is close to RM12 million. Sometimes when he goes out with his cousins for a night out his expenditure is RM50,000.

Najib from young had been groom and pamper with a golden spoon. He was the blue eye in the family. He had never done any hard labour nor had he been unable to pay for his bills. He travels first class, live in five start hotels and paid for his sexual desire as much as RM5 million for a night stand. His only hard work, if you call it that is talking and pleasing his bosses.

This country needs a Leader who had gone to hell and back to understand that the majority of its citizens are from the middle and lower income group. The elite at the top are in their own fantasy world. They simply would not understand the economy downfall and disharmony affect us all.

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