Saturday, October 4, 2008

Malaysia Hitler

If everything goes as plan by UMNO mafia, Najib will be the next Prime Minister. The first year Najib has to deal with all the blackmailers by giving them APS, Projects after Projects. Then the second year he will send all his critics into ISA. By the third and fourth year he is on track to a smooth home run plus he has the army solely behind him.

Anwar and Karpal have already voice their concern in public. But on home ground many people especially the Malays are fearful of the inevitable rise of Najib and do not know what to do. They had hoped that Anwar would have succeeded in taking over the government. But since the Sarawak and Sabah MPs are changing their minds so often nothing will happen, so we are doom. But do any changes concern the Sultans and Agong. The answer is NO. They will as usual be taken care of, the usual way.

Mahathir will see for himself, the real Najib when the time comes and will forever regret helping him. Those behind the scene too will regret it greatly. Their families members will be push to the ground unless they choose to go oversea for good.

As for the rest of us, we can only pray for God’s intervention. Nothing we do or plan will work as long as Najib is Prime Minister. Our heads will be chopped off before the day ends.

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