Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sue MB Khalid for killing your health

UM study shows mine water contaminated

 | April 29, 2014
Water from mining ponds at Bestari Jaya which Selangor plans to use to overcome the water shortage is toxic.
charles santiago selangor waterPETALING JAYA: Two studies conducted in 2010 and 2012 by Universiti Malaya have shown that water from old mining pools at Bestari Jaya is contaminated with heavy metal.
Klang MP Charles Santiago said Muhammad Ashraf Aqeel, Mohd Jamil and Ismail Yusuf from the chemistry and geology department of Universiti Malaya carried out the study.
“It clearly contradicts the position taken by the Selangor government in allowing water from Bestari Jaya mining ponds to be pumped into Sungai Selangor,” said Santiago.
“Once pumped, the mine pool water will contaminate Sungai Selangor. Our treatment plants cannot treat or clean heavy metal or toxic pollution,” added Santiago.
Selangor exco, Ahmad Yunus Hairi, stated recently that water from the Hang Tuah ponds at Bestari Jaya had passed the “health standard”.
But UM’s 2010 study showed that the physio-chemical parameters and metal concentration in Bestari Jaya exceeds national water quality standards.
The 2012 study showed that old mining pond sediments were polluted with arsenic (8.8%), chromium (12.9%), copper (17.4%), lead (19.5%), zinc (14.9) and tin (33.8%).
“The heavy metal polluted mining pools around Bestari Jaya pose a significant threat to the environment and is a risk to human life,” said Santiago.
“I reiterate my earlier call for the Selangor state government to make public the Health Department’s report and chemical content.
“To date, there is no evidence to show that Bestari Jaya’s old mining ponds were treated in any way since its closure,” added Santiago.
In another development, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today urged the Selangor government to stop the water rationing exercise as the water level in the dams in the state had increased.
The Selangor economic advisor also advised the residents of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur to be economical in using water.
The water rationing exercise, which started in stages in March, is scheduled to end on April 30. Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim is to announce tomorrow if the water rationing will continue beyond April 30 or be stopped.
MB Khalid and his tidak apa attitude had already poison the water you drink, yet no-one make police report against him.
Do you want to wait until your children and love one to start dying one by one before you wake up.
Water in mining pools contain high level of mercury.
There is a simple solution to the dry dam and flash flood but everyone is thinking of making fast buck by buying more pump that will be use only one time and discarded once the dam is full again.
The total price for the pump stands at RM25 million.  The stupid pump does not cost that much.  It went into buying vote.

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