Sunday, April 6, 2014

Police got no common sense when they see Ringgit.

Puspa Rani rescued this very badly negleted Rottie from the hands of Millicent Ann Paul who starved her. Rottie was left with nothing but bones. Her photo speaks a thousand words. She was anemic malnourished and could badly stand. 
Puspa Rani was arrested 2 weeks ago for trespassing and was bailed out. Rottie was recovering in a vet. 2 days ago , the police force Puspa Rani to surrender the dog or else they will issue a warrant of arrest again. She had no choice but return the dog because she was out on bail.
The police fail to see the condition of the rottweiler and for them is just a " STOLEN PROPERTY ". They fail to see that this dog had feelings and it's not just a dog , it's a life. Where is JUSTICE ? IS JUSTICE BLIND ? now we do not know the faith of this rottie and what will happen to Puspa Rani. She has been charged for trespassing and will be going to court. She wants Rottie back. 

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Biggest heist in the world

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