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Rakyat Date with Parliment


World largest money-laundering is Malaysia

Unlicensed money remitting services in Malaysia are alleged to have been a part of a US$6 billion (RM18.3 billion) online money laundering operation, according to US federal prosecutors in New York.
I can think of Rosmah, Daim, Mirzan, Mukhriz, Ali Rustam, Nor Yackob, Khairy, Khir Toyo, Ghani, Shahrizat, Yen Yen, Soil Lick.........aiyoh so many even the dacing has lost its balance.

Churches are concern but our Islamic Council are not because there is monetary gain


Congratulation Hannah, you deserve it

Press Statement on my nomination as Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly

I am deeply humbled by the announcement regarding my nomination as Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly. 
Pakatan Rakyat has once again created history by nominating the very first woman Speaker for a legislature in Malaysia. I will officially be elected as Speaker when the State Legislative Assembly convenes.
While I am not sure I am deserving of such an honour, I am fiercely proud to be part of a coalition that has proven time and again its firm commitment to gender equality and promoting women to leading positions in public service. This is further validated by the appointment of 4 women EXCOs into the state government’s new line-up, a composition which we have retained since 2008.
I would also like to congratulate the new Deputy Speaker, YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad on his nomination. By nominating us who are both under the age of 35 to these two positions, Pakatan Rakyat demonstrates its c…

Dr Mohd Tajuddin M Rasdi

COMMENT: Of late, many so called ‘political leaders’ and individual Malays of questionable repute have been urging not only Chinese, but Malays, Indians, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and others to ‘leave Malaysia’ because of the dissatisfaction over the Election Commission’s (EC) failure to be an entity of integrity as a fair referee in a political competition.

It has taken all my personal strength and professional standing as an academic and as an acting civil servant to restrain my emotion and really give these people ‘a piece of my mind’. If I were a retiree, I would really lash out at these people in my Penang colloquial style lingo!

But alas, I am a fully active civil servant and an established academic with an honest and reputable name. I am not like Ibrahim Ali who shows himself to be from a poorly developed cultural upbringing who knows nothing but spout venom to achieve his own personal game. He is not interested in the well-being of Malays, only himself.

I have also none the …

Let us stand united on this for the future


Con man on the loose

Lelaki ni selalu menipu pemandu kereta di laluan Lebuhraya Maharajelala, Federal Highway dan Jalan Syed Putra, modus operandi dia lelaki ini akan tuang minyak brek pada tayar kereta hadapan dan akan bgitau pemmndu yg sedang memandu bahawa kereta mereka rosak. Dia akan offer utk baiki dan kite perlu bayar rm360 sedangkan kereta kita tidak rosak...hati2 dan sebarkan.

Shariman Abdul Wahab

When Mahathir was PM, he forgot he was a trained Doctor and did nothing

It’s among the most basic, most critical, and most overlooked resources needed to run a hospital: electricity.
But in Haiti’s Central Plateau, the flow of energy is intermittent at best. Consider that in Mirebalais, located 30 miles north of Port-au-Prince, the power goes out for an average of three hours each day. This poses an enormous challenge to running any hospital; surgeries are jeopardized, neonatal ventilators stall, the cold chain is interrupted, and countless everyday tasks get derailed. As Partners In Health co-founder Paul Farmer noted during a recent lecture at the Harvard School of Public Health, “It’s not great if you’re a surgeon and you have to think about getting the generator going.” To make sure the patients and staff at Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (University Hospital) aren’t left in the dark, PIH and its partners looked toward the sun. Stretched across the roof of the new 200,000-square-foot hospital is a vast and meticulously arranged array of 1,800 sol…

Grandfather's parking bay

Common sight in Malaysia.
This barber in Chow Kit has taken up two parking bay daily and no-one can argue with him.
When will bribery ends?

SuaraRakyat 505

At 2.35pm
                                          At 5pm
                                          The energized group
                                          Burning in the sun
                                          Crowd coming in smaller batch because of the hot sun
                                          At 6pm
                                          Brave ones having their butts roasted from the heated field

                                          This little one was a prelude
                                          Another prelude from Lembah Pantai
                                          Heaven provided a light shower after the terrible afternoon heat

EC Deputy Chairman Wan Ahmad got screwed big time

Dear EC Deputy Chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, I wish to comment on your recent statements in an interview reported in The Malaysian Insider, dated May 27, 2013 (reproduced below): According to Wan Ahmad, the electoral system used in Malaysia is also used by developed countries that have been practising democracy for a long time. “Britain, already a few hundred years practising democracy, until now it uses first past the post... Australia, first past the post. New Zealand first past the post mixed a bit with the proportional representation (PR) system. India, the largest democratic country in the world, 800 million voters, first past the post,” he said. The EC deputy chairman said it would not be possible for PR to win so many seats, including a few states, if the “first-past-the-post” system was unfair. New Zealand does not, as you state, utilise FPP “mixed a bit” with PR. It utilises the Mixed Member Proportional system (MMP), which is distinct from simple/’single winner’ FPP. New …

Mother Fucker still bend on treating us like fools

ADUN SERI SERDANG akui gambar yang SPR analisa 'blackout' itu dari kawasan beliau...!!!


Saya mengecam kenyataan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) melalui Timbalan Pengerusinya Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar yang menyatakan bahawa kejadian Blackout 505 yang tersebar di internet dan akhbar adalah fitnah dan lakonan yang dirakam sebelum PRU 13.

Ternyata hasil penelitian dan siasatan awal yang dilakukan beliau bersama pegawai-pegawainya adalah sangat lemah dan hanya sekadar ingin menutup kelemahan sistem pilihanraya yang ada dan menafikan kejadian blackout yang benar-benar berlaku. Saya ingin menyatakan bahawa gambar yang tersebar tersebut adalah benar dan kejadian itu berlaku di SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN SERDANG, di bilik pengiraan undi Saluran 3. “Counting Agent” kami telah mengambil beberapa gambar sebelum dan selepas kejadian blackout tersebut itu berlaku.

Saya juga melihat beberapa kelemahan …

Calling all Malaysians to do their national duty

Attention all Malaysians please do your national service today so that we can have a cleaner election next time round.
To those people who have experience after getting their finger inked and was able to wash it off with whatever detergent within 24 hours on 5th May 2013 (Polling Day.) PLEASE MAKE A POLICE REPORT AND PASS IT TO THE NEAREST DAP, PAS OR KEADILAN OFFICE.
All three parties are targeting at a total 1 million police reports.
As the dateline is just round the corner, we would appreciate if all the police reports can come in before the end of 27th May 2013.
I know the notice came in late but do pass the word round and pray we succeed in getting the numbers.

Emergency number to keep for SuaraRakyat 505


Only in Malaysia we have fucking invisible bikes

Even PDRM motorbikes can be hijacked by cronies.
Did Naza do this on purpose or did someone pocketed the millions for the purchase?

Day of reckoning

All welcome even if you are Bangla, Indon, Pakistiani, China Dolls etc.
Open to the Royal Family of Denmark and Sultan of Selangor too.
Let the whole world WITNESS THIS.

Mykad not missing but thrown away after 13th GE


The difference between a crony and a citizen

This son cow is not charged for CBT or money laundering.  Police treating him like God.

Father cow now blame others for cheating him, to divert his crime.  Again police treating him like God.

Now look at this treatment for someone who has not committed any crime.

We must move away from the 4th Prime Minister

Mahathir will go down in history as the ONE WHO DESTROY MALAYSIA.

There is no joy to celebrate Wesak when the Government wants our blood

Today is Wesak Day.  It is suppose to be a day of celebration for the Buddhists.
Instead we get a pariah who tells us to 'come together as one regardless of race and ethnicity.'  What does he means by coming together.  Did he just refer to the Bangla fucking Rosmah coming together or what.

How can we be together as one when Pariah Najis choose to brand and attack a single race, the Chinese.  And was arrogant to conclude the result of the 13th GE as a Chinese Tsunami whereas MCA and Gerakan both Chinese Party lost their underwear and were the biggest losers.
Then we have Malay Pariahs and Organisations demanding the Christian and the Sikh not to use the word 'Allah' even though it was in their religious books longer than the existence of Muslim in Malaysia.

Then we have Sultans whose only main interest is to have a Malay run the State disregard whether he or it is a rogue or a pariah or a coward or an animal breed to be eaten. Making this chicken eligible to run the Sta…

Kangaroo courts out for blood

Politically-motivated candlelight vigils have reached a level where the police could no longer tolerate, said Kuala Lumpur CPO Mohmad Salleh, who urged people to voice their grievances through legal channels instead.

We Malaysians cannot tolerate corrupted, abusive and arrogant UMNO politicians, MACC, PDRM, AG, Judiciary, Perkasa and Royalty who are bend on bullying us.  What legal channel is CPO Mohmad Salleh talking about.  We have UMNO laws, UMNO Judges running kangaroo courts.

Police kicked lawyer representing 18 arrested

Policemen are now trained by thugs so this happens all the time.

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