Saturday, December 14, 2013

We too teach school children to be barbarian

Outrage over video footage of cruel and barbaric treatment of Australian cattle live exports in Gaza

322451-australian-cattle-tortured-in-gazaShocking footage that shows Australian cattle being beaten, stabbed in the eyes, and dragged through the streets may warrant a suspension of trade licences. Animals Australia has released footage (below) that it says was filmed in the Gaza Strip in October.

ABC (h/t Chris S)  The Department of Agriculture has been investigating a possible breach of the live export regulatory regime for more than a month. In a statement the department said it believed, based on appearance, some cattle in the footage are Australian. ”The department, as the regulator or the livestock export trade, takes all reports of animal welfare breaches seriously, and investigates all complaints against the relevant regulatory framework.”


Labor’s agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon has seen the footage and says the Department of Agriculture should act quickly. ”I’m calling upon the department to seriously consider very quickly issuing ‘just cause’ notices to any company it’s investigating as a result of these allegations,” he said.


“The ‘just cause’ notice of course will put the onus on company to show cause why their licence should not be suspended until that investigation is complete. ”My concern is that there is no indication that investigation will be complete by the end of this year and indeed it’s likely to be well into the new year before the department comes to any conclusions.”

Greens MP Adam Bandt has also seen the video, and says his party will re-introduce legislation to end the live export trade and shift to processed meat exports. ”I think anyone who watches this footage and sees images of Australian cattle being stabbed in the eye, having their throats slit while still alive and being taunted and tortured would understand that now is the time to end the live export trade,” he said.

This kind of treatment isn’t only going on in Gaza, it takes place in every country where Islamic halal slaughter is practiced:

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