Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why do non-Muslim always have to give in?

One day fast for peace and unity

Lisa J. Ariffin and Winston Way
 | July 25, 2013
Malaysians worldwide are invited to fast on July 31 for peace and unity.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians from all walks of life, race and religion are invited to fast for one day on July 31 as a way of showing their unity and for peace in the country.
The organisers of #Fast4Malaysia – Projek Dialog, activist Marina Mahathir and blogger Niki Cheong – described the event as a day where Malaysians are “encouraged to show their friendship with one another by fasting for a day and breaking the fast together”.
“We came up with this initiative called #Fast4Malaysia as response to some of things that are going on in the country. We feel that Malaysia is dividing people instead of bringing people closer together,” Marina told a press conference here.
“We are doing this for unity, solidarity and peace. We want people to know each other rather than to fight with each other,” she added.
Marina called on the public to participate in the event, “but to do it with friends”.
“It is not a solitary thing. We are hoping Muslims will invite their non-Muslim friends to join them so they feel like they are doing something together,” she said.
Marina then stressed that the event was “completely non-political, non-partisan and everyone can join in”.
Participants of the event are encouraged to post photos, videos and blogs onto a special Tumblr site, petitionhttp://www.change. Org/en-GB/petitions/malaysians-fast-for-malaysia-on-july-31-2013 and Facebook page and to share their experiences.
Me think we should invite non-Muslim more to our homes than asking and demanding from them to follow us.
It is sad Muslim today do not like to sit and eat sharing the same table with non-Muslim.
And this is the honest truth.

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