Friday, July 19, 2013

Let us save Perkasa by drilling holes on their heads

Perkasa wants Marino out, demands new Vatican envoy

What is the use of being a Muslim and talking cock at the same time.
Today Muslim in Malaysia are known as an arrogant race and religious freak who are good for nothing and talk like a slime snake.
This Ramadan we have witness many cases of abuse and violence towards the non-Muslim in Malaysia.
Not a sound from the Royal House and every BN/UMNO shits are keeping mum on their own vomit.
The four above are now doing what they do best and that is to claim they are safe guarding Islam/Muslim at the same time behind the scene whacking the daylight off the Indians in Klang.
What is the purpose for causing harm to the Indians?  Is it for the land?  Is it to teach the Indians a lesson? Will the Chinese be next?
Is this the only kind of talent and skill BN/UMNO has?
Why pray at surau and mosque when UMNO can build their own shrine by the roadside praying to Gods like Ibrahim Ali, Nordin and Hassan Ali.
Today Perkasa is demanding for a new Vatican envoy.
Me think before we give in to their demand, we have to save Perkasa members by drilling holes onto their heads to let in oxygen.

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