Thursday, May 9, 2013

Azmin Ali and gang rejoin UMNO

same gesture

Salam hormat,

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa YB Mohamed Azmin Ali akan mengadakan satu sidang media khas seperti butiran berikut :

Tarikh           : 10 Mei 2013 (Jumaat)
Masa             : 11.00 pagi
Tempat         : De Palma Hotel, Ampang

Justeru, kami mengalu - alukan semua warga media untuk hadir sama dalam sidang media tersebut.

At last the bag is out.  Mahathir's Trojan Azmin Ali is taking 15 Parliament and State seat over to UMNO.  Azmin Ali as promised by Mahathir will be the new Finance Minister for Federal Government.

Azmin Ali who has been eyeing the MB of Selangor seat since 2008 can no longer wait.  He thinks that the RM2 Billion in the coffer and the MB seat should be his and only his alone for his loyalty to Anwar.

We the people of Malaysia do not care for such character who has selfish thoughts and reason to be in politic.

We the people of Malaysia want capable, reliable, trust worthy person to run and look after this country. 

We strongly reject Azmin Ali and his gang.

We already lost to a thief by the name of Najis, what else is new?

Let us cleanse ourselves off the dirt today for tomorrow we see the beautiful sky.                                  

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