Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whole family messing with the country

Once the 13th GE is over, Najib can look forward to his new career as an emcee cum model for advertisements.

People like me seldom go through TV channels except on Chinese New Year.  So for two days I was subjected to watching Najib beating the drum and his CNY greeting for the Chinese.  Yes the same Chinese Community whose blood, he and his cousin Hishamoo wanted on the Keris.  And the same Chinese Community, Khairy and UMNO Youth protested against and spitted their holy saliva onto the pillars in the Chinese Assembly Hall. Again the same Chinese Community having to receive brutal attacks and protests daily in Penang by Mamak gang, UMNO Youth and Perkasa. Even UMNO MPs have announced they do not need Chinese voters. And daily demands for the Chinese to go back to China. All this were done and supported without shame by Najib from the time he entered into politic till today.  Now that the 13th GE is just round the corner the Chinese Community is been courted with sweets and foreign artiste.

Yesterday the people in Penang had the pleasure of seeing live performance of Psy a Korean Artiste who was brought in by Mydin but paid for by Tourism Ministry.  The amount spent was RM40 million. Included in the bill is a RM2 million gold diamond watch that Rosmah failed to present to Psy. So where is the watch now?  Who has pocketed it?

Now before Psy performance Najib’s son Norashman gave a speech in Mandarin. This is neither the time nor the place to promote his son into politic.  The Rakyat are already fed-up with Rosmah and Najib’s brothers mingling into the affairs of running this country and now the son. This clearly shows Najib is clueless his position as Prime Minister.

Whether you notice or not UMNO supporters and bloggers have make issues about Lim Guan Eng, Tok Guru and Anwar’s family members being involved in politic.  But over-looked Najib’s mother, aunty, cousin, wife, brothers, sisters-in-law, sons and daughter.  And that is a lot of shit coming from that family.

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