Friday, February 22, 2013

Guarantee another term

People today are still talking about the Psy episode which Najib has only himself to blame.
Numbers play an important role in our daily lives.  Whether one should believe or not is open to debate.  Certain people use religion to justify their disbelieve, while others give it as non scientific and others are the believers.

When I wrote about the Water Snake meets the Water Rat, Rosmah a believer of numbers beside witch craft, went jumping mad and almost hit the ceiling. She demanded and gave strict instruction that Psy should NOT MEET LGE at all cost.  As the invitation had already being given out and LGE as Chief Minister will surely attend, a way has to be found.

And the person who is willing to help, who is of the same kind, same upbringing, same believer in numbers and witch craft, share the same ambitious and who can stop LGE was the Queen.

But fate has it that a man who happens to be at the wrong place and wrong time showed his middle finger through his frustration over an argument with his father, at a car not realizing who the occupier was.  And the unlucky chap is now sitting in jail and poorer by RM8,000, while big time criminals like Shahrizat and her family are walking free in Bangsar.

So similar to Psy having the Rakyat spamming and asking him not to come to Penang, a finger was pointed at the Queen's car when she arrives.

Fate can be alter but destiny do not.  What I did not mention in my Water Snake article was the reading of Najib and Rosmah for the Snake Year.  So by stopping LGE from meeting Psy, Rosmah thought she could change LGE's fate.  Again Rosmah failed to realize is that Psy was not the only Water Snake that could bring fame to LGE.  Yes, the Queen is also a Water Snake.

For several years now Rosmah had spring cleaned her whole house many times over and Putrajaya three times with chanting, plastering under the tables, chairs, rooms, curtains, underwear, pillows and beds with charms, and all kinds of witch craft ceremonies costing us more than RM100 million will not and cannot change the destiny for Najib and herself.  Plus all the innocent children who lost their lives so that Rosmah can have their virgin blood to keep her TOYOL happy.  Yes Rosmah keep them (toyol) in Jalan Duta and Putrajaya.

Well the numbers no matter how you twist or turn it will not be able to change Najib and Rosmah destiny. Especially so when innocent lives are killed for their blood.

So now do you understand why many youth are missing?

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