Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who are you?

Do what I tell you or face the consequences.

I can fuck other people's wives,
I can fuck every Tom, Dick and Harry,
I can steal sand and Zakat money,
I can take any project I want,
I can gamble,
I can consume alcohol,
I can take away your land,
I can take away your bread and butter,
I can allow corruption, murder, bribe and stealing,
I can see nothing wrong when Allah chosen political party UMNO do wrong,
I can see nothing wrong with the wrong doings of Mother Cow and Ropee because they are Allah chosen whore,
I can see nothing wrong with Allah chosen newspaper Utusan wrong doing.

Allah is just a word invented by mankind to be used openly.  The word 'Allah' has not been patented by any religion or race. Yet the morally insane are claiming what does not belong to them.  Do not threaten or divide the people for selfish gain. Who are you?

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