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Kutty's meteoric rise in wealth after 1984

Nizar dedah dokumen RM207 bilion

Harakahdaily,09 Jan 2013
Nizar menunjukkan dokumen yang diedarkan kepada wartawan pada sidang media.

KUALA LUMPUR: AJK PAS Pusat, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin hari ini mendedahkan beberapa dokumen penting yang menunjukkan kerajaan Malaysia memang telah menerima wang sebanyak RM207 bilion dari kerajaan Jepun sebagai pampasan kepada rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat dalam pembinaan landasan keretapi maut Jepun.
(Surat dari Kementerian Kewangan kepada Persatuan)

Dokumen itu berupa surat permohonan dari Persatuan Kebajikan Bekas dan Warisan Buroh Binaan Landasan Keretapi Siam ke Burma 1942-1946 (Persatuan) yang jelas menyatakan jumlah RM207 bilion yang dituntut itu.
Surat permohonan ini dibuat oleh Persatuan kepada Perdana Menteri pada 27 Julai 2011.

Pendedahan ini dibuat Nizar dalam sidang media khasnya hari ini.

Nizar juga menunjukkan kepada media dokumen pengesahan dari pelbagai kementerian dan jabatan serta pejabat Peguam Negara mengenai tuntutan itu.
(Surat dari Jabatan Peguam Negara kepada Persatuan)

Antaranya, Bahagian Pengeluaran, Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia dalam suratnya kepada Persatuan berkata, "Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa tuntutan pengeluaran berjumlah RM207 bilion telah diangkat untuk tindakan dan kelulusan Kerajaan di mana prosesnya telah dimaklumkan ke Peguam Negara dan peringkat Kementerian Sumber Manusia."

Surat bertarikh 29 Mac 2011 ini telah ditandatangani oleh Datuk Hajah Zalekha bt Hassan, Bahagian Pengeluaran Bayaran.

Jabatan Peguam Negara pula dalam suratnya kepada Persatuan berkata, "Untuk maklumat, perkara tersebut perlu dirujuk kepada Kabinet untuk kelulusan. Kertas Kabinet sedang disediakan untuk tindakan seterusnya."

Surat ini ditandatangani oleh Hasin bin Razak, Deputy Director of Management Division, Attorney General Chambers.
Nizar sebelum ini ketika berucap dalam Dewan Rakyat meminta Perdana Menteri menjelaskan tuntutan Persatuan ini namun tidak ada sebarang penjelasan dibuat mengenainya.

Baru-baru ini, beliau ke Kedutaan Jepun untuk berbincang mengenainya. Wakil kedutaan mengesahkan beliau pernah mendengar mengenainya tetapi hanya mengesahkan pembayaran pernah dibuat tetapi tidak menyebutkan angkanya. Beliau akan merujuk balik kepada Tokyo mengenainya.

Wakil Kedutaan kemudiannya menafikan wang RM207 bilion itu yang dirujuk.
It takes a very strong willed person to be humble and honest and at the same time not tempted by the many offer of bribes and other materialistic gains.  Sometimes the sights of glittering gold, diamonds and Japanese pearls can temporarily make one lose the will power and resistance.  The act of betrayal is then done.  Over the years the conscience guilt slowly by slowly disappear and that is when greed takes over completely.

My old man is one such person when he was working with Mahathir Kutty and now wants to repent before he meets Allah.

Mahathir Kutty is a brutal dictator and greedy man.  He uses your weakness to destroy you.  When he cannot find one he either sent you to ISA or get his men to fix you up in financial losses or limbs.  Many misdeeds were done behind the scene as he prefers to keep his hands clean.  His wife Siti too has clean image to the public but behind..................Will her true self be reveal to the public?

The first order of the day when Mahathir became PM was to destroy the trade union.  He felt that the trade union was too powerful to deal with.  So he ordered an investigation into the top two men in the trade union.  Once the file was on his (Kutty) table, Mahathir got his trusted man to do the negotiation.  The offer started at RM40,000 and was sealed at RM70,000.  One by one everyone that deem to be powerful  and hinder Mahathir's way was bribed or blackmail.  So where did the money for buying these people come from?  Must be from somewhere.  But where?

Then there were many foreign investors who were leaving envelopes and gifts after each visit to the Government departments and homes of Ministers. This did not go down well with Mahathir Kutty, who felt that he should be the one receiving the goodies instead of his men.  He wanted full control of the money, without any audit.

So a plan was set in place.  Every project, investment and money were to be channeled into God's party UMNO first and then distributed to the Government.  At that time Daim was the Finance Minister and UMNO Treasurer so it was not a problem.  That was the start of secret fund.  Only two people have access to that fund, namely Mahathir Kutty and Daim.  They bought properties, invested in various local and foreign companies, gambled in the market  etc............ all this while using nominees in the name of helping God's party.  Where there are gains it went into their private accounts.  Losses were transfered into EPF and Petronas accounts.

This was going on very well until Mahathir's children went into business.  Allah gave Mahathir a wonderful gift, his children were business jinx.  The children had 300 companies under their belt at one time and every single one lost money or went bankrupt.  Daim had to dig into  the secret fund to bail them out every time and because the debts were huge EPF, Petronas and Genting fund were also used.  By then Mirzan Mahathir was addicted to gambling big.  This became a big issue with Daim, who felt that Mahathir's children were beyond help.  If this were to be continue then the whole world would know about the secret fund. So Daim resign as Finance Minister and Anwar took over.  But, yes there is a BUT Daim was still the treasurer for God's party UMNO.  The secret fund cannot be known or fall into a third party lap until everything were cleaned up.  So even though Anwar was the Finance Minister only kacang putih was going into the Finance Ministry. Anwar suspect there is such fund but he could not lay his hands on it to the day he was forced to leave as Deputy Prime Minister.  After Daim had clean up the secret fund account, Nor Yakob took over and that is how this mamak rascal became instant billionaire.

RM207 billion BLOOD MONEY, definitely went into that secret fund and channeled into private pocket or pockets.  Daim and the Japanese Government share common bond.  So a little help is not a problem to the Japanese.

So do you now understand how Mahathir became the second richest man in the world today?

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