Monday, February 20, 2012

Six Prime Ministers have ignored Kelantan


Sekiranya benar Kelantan negeri Miskin mengikut kata PM Najib Razak, maka ini bermaksud benar-benar gagalnya enam orang perdana menteri, kerana negeri Kelantan ini adalah salah satu negeri dalam gabungan 14 negeri di dalam persekutuan tanah melayu atau malaysia...AMACAM JADI TAK COUNTER BACK AYAT CAM GINI?. SEBARKAN...!!!..k.b.t-jkk ki3 <---KEMAH DEMO
Why is PAS blamed for everything that is done wrong by BN?  Kelantan has oil fields to make all Kelantanese millionaire but the Federal Government as usual takes all the revenue and does not share.  Whatever fallen crumbs are distributed among UMN0 Kelantan Elites and Kelantan Royal Household.  So of course Kelantan is poor.  

People in Sabah must be naive to believe Najib will ensure development after giving their votes to BN for 54 years and getting nothing in return.  YES, DEVELOPMENT WILL EVENTUALLY COME IN A SIX FEET by TWO FEET HOLES.

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