Sunday, December 4, 2011

We will definitely remember UMNO Titiwangsa does not need the Chinese and Indians.

Today we have the internet to remember the words of UMNO leaders. Day in day out we are told that UMNO can lead and run this country without the Chinese and Indians. This is because they have the Indonesians and Bangladashi.
If one were to look closely especially at the Malays in Titiwangsa, can you tell whether they are the Malay Malays or Indonesians Malay.
Most Malay Malays have gone to far away kampungs. They have no means of survival in a bustling city like Kuala Lumpur. They have being pushed out repeated by the Indonesian Malays who were brought in by Mahathir Kutty to dilute the Malay Malays.
So Johari, remember that your children and grandchildren will work for the Indonesians and Bangladashi in time to come. And the Chinese and Indians and their future generation will watch this video and will again vow never to vote for UMNO.

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