Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rosmah is back and more evil

Rosmah Mansor is back. After performing the hajj pilgrimage and keeping a very low profile prior to the recent UMNO general assembly, First Lady of Malaysia Rosmah Mansor or FLOM is ready to party again. And why shouldn't she?

If the political pundits are right in predicting the ouster of her husband, Prime Minister Najib Razak, she can expect to be dropped like a hot potato from society's A-list. In fact, the first couple can be expected to be avoided like the plague Najib he also loses the UMNO presidency at party polls in the latter part of 2012.

Not surprising then that Rosmah struck while the iron was hot.

On December 10, friends and hangers-on presented the 60-year-old birthday girl with the hugest cake that literally covered the whole table. Unlike the excreta-shaped confection presented to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng by the state UMNO leaders, Rosmah's was a tasteful white and pastels affair.

Of course, the cake was presented in conjunction with the opening of the “Ekspo PERMATA 2011”held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Looking at the photo now circling in cyberspace, one could not avoid noticing that even Rosmah was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the cake! But isn’t that was so fitting for a person like her?

Many have wondered how much did the cake cost and did its presenters expect to get anything in return from FLOM. Also, if this was meant to celebrate some achievement of charity group PERMATA's, why wasn't it even written on the cake “Happy Birthday Ibu PERMATA”

Shouldn’t Rosmah be having her own private party and use her own money to organize it. After all, it was her birthday!

Whatever it is, starting from this 'small-scale' sponsored birthday bash, Rosmah is sounding the signal that with the UMNO AGM finally over and done with, she is now back in full throttle!

Win or lose, the Najibs will rock their way out of Putrajaya - no drab austerity drives for them. They will depart bedecked with jewels and riches, while the rakyat or populace pick up the tab.

Love affair and marriage

A former banker, Rosmah was smarter than many of her peers. That she managed to land the future prime minister of the country already underscores her capabilities. Born into a humble background, she made the grade into the Tunku Kursiah Girls College, university, married a TV personality, affair and eventual marriage to Najib.

Najib, the eldest son of second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussien, was already a married man and the Education minister when they met. Still, it appears their love was greater than convention, and both of them left their spouses to be together until now.

To prove that she was someone worth the sacrifice, Rosmah kept a very low profile as an obedient, caring and supporting wife. She certainly managed to hide her true character - which her critics say was ambition, ambition and more ambition - plus her lifestyle habits - which was spending, spending and more spending!

Couldn't wait to replace Jeanne Abdullah

Perhaps Rosmah felt she had been too patient and could not bear to wait any longer to be the wife of a prime minister that in one conversation with her private circle, she even chided Tun Jeanne Abdullah as being inappropriate to have that honour.

Thus when the moment came for Najib to take over the official residence, Rosmah ordered a total makeover of the interior furnishing in the complex to a tune of a whopping RM65 million.

But it was on the night of December 9, 2006 where the State Banquet which was held in honour of the investiture of 12th Agong that she first showed her claws. She ordered the function to be concluded by 10.00 pm.

In one crisp order, Rosmah had shortened the investiture by two hours, thus preventing the new King from having the time and opportunity to mingle around with the attendees which included dignitaries from both local and overseas.

Adores Bollywood

And that kingly fuss was because she wanted to attend another more glamorous event, which was the Global India Film Awards [GIFA BOLLYWOOD] which was being held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

There, Rosmah had the cheek to leave her entourage including her husband and several local dignitaries, who had also been rushed away from the State Banquet so as to watch her mingle unabashedly with the Bollywood stars.

From then on, her true traits unfolded one by one, bit by bit. Her various scandals know no bounds - from the purported involvement in the Scorpene submarines commission leading to the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, her association with the internationally rich and famous, ruthless shopping sprees and purchasing of expensive personal items from the RM100,000 Birkin handbags to the RM73 million blue diamond ring.

Her wasteful ways have indeed led the poor rakyat (populace) chomping and gnashing their teeth at her shenanigans, regretful and cringing at her self-appointment to the post of First Lady of Malaysia.

Malaysia Chronicle
So now poor 'high and mighty' Fat LOM Rosmah, has to kiss the hand and bow to a former court-dancer now that she is the Raja Permaisuri Agong?
Yes Haminah Hamidun was court-dancer during Sultan Abdul Halim's previous tenure as Agong in the 70s when she caught the roving eyes of this 'goody-looking' guy! Apparently she had a son by him but there has never been any official mention of 'him' at all. Wonder if the son is Sultan Abdul Halim's ? Whatever, he married her in 1975. Sultanah Bahiyah died in Aug 2003 at age 73. Haminah was proclaimed Sultanah in Jan 2004.**************************************

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