Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The reality inside UMNO

What do you think?
Was the weather that bad that nobody could turn up or was it because no-one was there to dish out the bribe?

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Alan Newman said...

UMNO is rotten to the core. Najib:“I would like to stress here that I have never interfered in MACC’s operations. They are independent and free to carry out their investigations on anyone.” When I read this I fell off my chair and went rolling on the floor laughing.
Your MACC was grilling & murdering Teoh Beng Hock till early morning hours, over some trivial things, when there were and still are crooked ministers whose atrocities are a million times bigger. The whole world is calling for Sarawak Taib's arrest! Involving multi-billions. With letters addressed to Najib & MACC. Mr PM, where is you integrity, morality and credibility now? ZERO. So is Mahathir's. Alan Newman, NZ

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