Sunday, December 4, 2011

Challenge to all parties especially Najib

Open to Leaders of all Parties and Especially Najib,

Of late we the people have seen and heard enough to want to kill leaders who are only good at calling, condemning and using all form of crude manner against this and that party or religion.

So here is the deal. Are you listening? I stretch your back, you stretch my back. That is Najib's favourite words. We do not accept that.

The people have had enough and they want to choose a Prime Minister of their choice. So everyone who thinks they are capable to run this country should be allow to contest on a neutral platform. So this means that if 200 people wants to have a go on the PM post, WHY NOT?

The people are more than willing to accept the winner of the challenge.

This challenge will once and for all defuse all lies about only a Malay can be the Prime Minister. Second, it will show the kind of leader we the people desire. Not shotgun leader who is elected on auto and through bribes. Thirdly, we can for the first time in history, have female candidates who are more than willing to be challenge as equal.


Me, I will be the first to register as a candidate since I am more capable than those in Putrajaya.

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