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Given his retirement is on hold, IGP Khalid's playing field growing wider

On the promise of receiving at least RM500 million from IGP Khalid's collection for the coming GE14, Najib has extended the retirement of the Chief of Protection Racket.
Malaysia is simply a fantastic nation to live in where gangster can be head of the Police Force, MACC Chief and AG can be told to close their eyes on crime activities by Cronies, Speaker in Parliament can shut the mouth of Opposition, Immigration allow terrorists, murderers and gangsters to roam in and out of Malaysia freely while its own citizens cannot travel out of Malaysia and a Master in Money Laundering can be the Prime Minister and the wife of the Master of Money Laundering can lead the Prime Minister with a rope round his neck while a nobody can suck the Malays dry by blackmailing the Prime Minister with his love child.
The whole country is screwed yet the Malays rejoices when given free lunches, sack of rice and a bottle of oil and a mere RM50 before election.
I tell you Malaysia cannot be save any longer.
Gopi Made Over A Hundred Calls To One Top Cop - And CID Chief Called Him Back! EXCLUSIVE

Gopi Made Over A Hundred Calls To One Top Cop - And CID Chief Called Him Back! EXCLUSIVE

If the IGP thinks it is not an issue that a score of top cops received calls from jailed suspect Gopi, what about the emerging evidence that those same officers were ringing Gopi back during the weeks before his arrest?
Sarawak Report has obtained phone bill records which show this to be the case.
Questioned by journalists over the connections between Malaysia’s top brass in law enforcement and the alleged gangster behind a police protection racket in Malacca, the Inspector General (IGP) has so far been dismissive.
So what that he and fellow officers had taken numerous calls from the suspected ringleader Gopinathan Krishnan,  known as Gopi, he maintained on Thursday:
“A lot of people have called me every day, just to wish me ‘good morning, sir’, ‘how are you today’ and wishing me well. I (think I have received) hundreds of calls every morning. Is that suspicious? You can check my phone and make an analysis from it,” he said.
“If you want to say that calls are something suspicious, well, I have commented about this and I don’t want to entertain (anymore). Sarawak Report has made up a non-sensible story,” he said. [Malaysiakini and other news portals]

Two Way Traffic

Quite apart from the concern that the country’s top police officer wastes time receiving such calls on his official handphone in his official time, this is clearly not a matter that sits well as a joke when no solid explanations have been provided for the calls.
However, Sarawak Report now has confirmation that at least one of these officers, none other than the Head of CID, Mohamed Salleh (phone number 0196000148) has himself  called Gopi (phone number 0126193971) back.  The call was at 1040 am on April 24th, which was not long before the latter’s arrest:
CID Chief Mohammed Salleh called Gopi
Telco Record for  0196000148 – showing CID Chief Mohammed Salleh called Gopi late at night on 24th April
At least the CID chief, who is in charge of the country’s gambling and vice squads, was not calling this alleged gangster contact during police hours.
CID Chief Salleh called Gopi back
CID Chief Mohamed Salleh called Gopi back
However, it begs the question why would he be in touch with such an apparently disreputable character, reponsible for organising the collection by Malacca police officers of huge sums of cash from gambling dens and massage parlours, so late at night?
Does the IGP want to make a bit of a joke of this as well or might he now decide that a full and open explanation is rapidly in order from himself and all those caught up in Gopi’s web of top police contacts?
After all, the clutch of police officers already in custody have allegedly testified that they were forced to cooperate with Gopi, because the protection racket that was allowing these houses of vice to continue in business (in return for those cash collections) was organised by their superiors.
Gopi's phone was the subject of the call from Salleh's record
Gopi’s phone was the subject of the call from Salleh’s record

One Of Khalid’s Cops Received over 100 Calls From Gopi!

The remainder of the list senior police contacts confirmed by investigators as having been dialled up by Gopi during the four months prior to his arrest in May are as follows:
ACP Mohammad Azlin Sandari (OCPD Subang Jaya) – 0176181818 (7 contacts made)
Supt Anbalangan (OCPC Balik Pulau) – 019-4512635 (6 contacts made)
DSP Azlihan Ishak (KBSJD IPD Batu Pahat) – (no further details provided so far)
DSP Tharmalingam Chandram (KBSJD Gombak) – 019-4206000 (two contacts)
Abdul Aziz Yusof (Dep DPO Sarawak) – 019-7000211 (19 contacts made)
ASP Rozaiman (RO IPD Klang Selatan) – 019-3996513  (16 contacts made)
ASP Iskandar (IGP’s ADC) – 019-3566357 (11 contacts)
ASP Sobri ADC to PJSJ Mohamad Salleh – 012-6553436 (26 contacts made)
Insp Zulfadhly (RO D7 IPD Sungai Buloh) – 012-6521614 (112 contacts md)
Insp Firdaus IO IPD Jasin – 017-6118813 (10 contacts made)
The fact that the Inspector in charge of controlling gambling in the Sungai Buloh district, Inspector Zulfadhly, received no less than 112 contacts from Gopi in the four months prior to his arrest is particularly notable.  Analysis by Sarawak Report of the records show that these calls were made throughout the day, from early morning, through the working day until late at night.
All times of day
All times of day
Sample calls from Gopi
Sample calls from Gopi
to Sungai Buloh cop Zu
to Sungai Buloh cop Zulfadhly
Malaysians are entitled to wonder why?

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