Sunday, December 2, 2012


After the God chosen and UMNO bashing series, we now get back to an old one.
Universiti Sains Malaysia has a new course for the coming semester called M-as-t-ur-b-ate.
So all you perverts sign in today.

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Red Alfa said...

USM Hostel authority issued this notice to its student occupants. I am most flabbergasted for its inappropriateness and for applying shallow logic in determining the cause and in resolving this problem. What is the ranking of this University?

"The drains are not built to withstand semen"!!! (USM students capable of producing tons in semen?!!)

And as thousands will be spent on maintenance to unclog the drains, occupants will be made to pay for maintenance works....

Compensation in the form of extension of 20 years

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