Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear God

What did the Malaysian people do wrong to deserve a deaf, blind, selfish and corrupted people in the government to ruin our lives? There is no end in sight to the amount of money wasted on unnecessary things like going for study trips Oversea. Year in year out, complain after complain. yet the Cabinet do not seem to care. Though they are supposed to be educated I believe maybe they are also deaf in their brains and blind to read our anger.

Today’s article in the Star brings out the frustration and anger in me to read that after so many years sitting in their position 15 high-ranking officers, including FT Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique and KL mayor Datuk Abdul Hakim Borhan are going for a well-paid so called study trips. Reason given “The ministry feels you cannot run a city the old way and in order to become a world-class city one must incorporate new ideas and ways and that’s what this study tour is all about,” said Shazril. Excuse me you moron, open your eyes wide and really see the many drains that need to be replace. I have written and even complain to the media for 16 years now that the broken drains in my area need to be replaced. The bottle neck drain out let has also cause water to be stagnant for 16 years and every time it rain, water from the drains flow into my house compound causing my vegetables and flowers to die, my house structure is a weaken by the constant flood. I have even posted them on You Tube. The collection of bribes by DBKL officers from the illegal unhygienic stalls and house cum restaurants buffer our minds. Then we have the illegal workers brought in by influential connection to VIP wives.

Dear God, in time of inflation the cost of living has raised tremendously causing hardship to the middle-class and the lower-class and the hard core poor to merge as one who simply cannot survive. This government has not done any single thing except by forming committee after committee to study. We do not need to discuss and study or have more meetings. We want immediate action not endless talks about subsidies for this and that. Yet every day in the press we read they are the ones who are constantly spending on unnecessary project, scheme and lavish functions. At the end of the stick they are the ones getting the contracts and commissions. We the people are dealt with the unwanted expenditure and have to cough and dig into our pockets to pay for their misdeeds. How long more can we be patient before we revolt? We love this country too much but the people in power make use of us to enrich them and be more powerful. We cannot pretend to be naïve and stupid.

It also boggle one’s mind that we have the latest technology like wireless communication internet incorporated by the very same people who are going for the trip to Germany and Canada. I am sure they have the latest and most expensive computer software to source information and make any enquiries without leaving their offices or homes. Further more these very same people are the ones who have benefited from PSD scholarship and now they are telling us in the face they are stupid and cannot come up with new ideas and ways to run this small city. God Have Mercy On Us.

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