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IGP Khalid's Raya Joke to divert attention away from his own family members

4 from drug group under probe over Pastor Koh’s abduction

 | June 25, 2017
Pictures of the pastor’s residence and car were found in the house of the suspect shot dead.
KUALA LUMPUR: Police today revealed they had found new leads in the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh following a drug sting operation earlier this week.
Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police raided the house of a drug trafficking suspect where photos believed to be of Koh’s house and his car were found.
The raid was conducted after the suspect had been killed in a shootout with police in Kampung Weng Dalam, Kedah, on June 17.
After the shooting, drugs, a 9mm pistol, bullets, documents and two sets of licence plates were discovered in the car of the suspect, who is also believed to be a firearms smuggler.
“We believe this group is connected to the abduction of Pastor Koh,” he told reporters at the Hari Raya open house here.
He said three other suspects from the same group, as well as the dead suspect’s wife, had been arrested and brought to Kuala Lumpur for further questioning. They were picked up in Kuantan, Kota Bharu and Kuala Kangsar.
Khalid said the group had only come under the police radar late last year but were not investigated for Koh’s abduction then as their previous crimes were related to drugs and firearms.
Khalid refused to divulge further details, stating the case was still under investigation and that Koh’s family had not been filled in on the latest developments.
News of the new leads comes a month after the IGP announced that a local, picked up in a northern state, had been detained in connection with the pastor’s abduction.
Koh, 62, was abducted by a group of masked men less than 100 metres from the Police Housing Complex in SS4, Kelana Jaya, on the morning of Feb 13.
Video footage later emerged showing what looked like a well-executed plan involving seven vehicles and at least 12 individuals.
The whole incident took place in under a minute, with all vehicles, including Koh’s car, seen driven away.
Khalid later revealed police were also investigating Koh for proselytising, as there were police reports for such an offence.

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Aussie paper links MARA’s ‘elite’ officials to A$4.75m Melbourne property bribe

The student housing block, Dudley House, that was built for A$17.8 million, but inflated by A$4.75 million to A$22.5 million. ― Picture by KC BoeyThe student housing block, Dudley House, that was built for A$17.8 million, but inflated by A$4.75 million to A$22.5 million. ― Picture by KC Boey
KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 ― In a damning news report published today, Australian daily The Age incriminated top officials of Malaysia’s Bumiputera empowerment agency and two “elite” Malay businessmen to the questionable purchase of a Melbourne property said to be inflated by A$4.75 million (RM13.7 million).
The Age said an eight-month-long investigation by Fairfax Media ― its parent publishing house ― uncovered a massive trail of documents across three continents to find out the real deal behind the A$22.5 million price tag (RM65.03 million) “for a building designed like an IKEA cupboard [that] seemed well above the odds”.
“Fairfax Media can reveal that a group of super-rich Malaysian officials, spending their own government's investment funds, have bid up the price of a Melbourne apartment block from US$17.8 million to US$22.5 million. The extra US$4.75 million was then laundered out of Australia and allegedly paid as bribes in Malaysia,” the newspaper said.
In several articles, the newspaper named two Malaysian businessmen described as “elite” and holding “Datuk” titles” Yusof Gani and Ahmad Azizi who engineered a deal with their Australian joint-venture partners to develop a student housing project near Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria in 2013 for which they would later buy an associated building named Dudley House worth A$17.8 million but which was pricetagged A$22.5 million, pocketing a cool A$4.75 million, camouflaged through a number of false invoices.
Citing from confidential records, the newspaper enlarged the ring of Malaysians implicated to include Ahmad’s two sons, named as Erwin and “Porsche-loving” Erwan who facilitated this deal via a network of contacts connected to MARA through a subsidiary that had been taken over by several Malaysian officials, including former politician turned MARA Investment chairman, Datuk Mohammad Lan Allani, and a MARA chief executive, Datuk Halim Rahman.
The newspaper said it managed to contact Mohammad Lan, whom it noted had visited Melbourne in May last year, citing information from the Malaysian consulate website.
Mohammad Lan reportedly said he was unable to remember the Dudley House purchase, adding that he was involved in setting up offshore companies as a “convenient” way to sell property bought by the Malaysian government.
The newspaper said the MARA investment chairman hung up the phone when it asked him if he knew of any alleged kickback.
A snapshot of The Age daily which linked a group of super-rich Malaysian officials to the A$4.75m inflated buy of the Melbourne property. ― Picture by K. C. Boey
A snapshot of The Age daily which linked a group of super-rich Malaysian officials to the A$4.75m inflated buy of the Melbourne property. ― Picture by K. C. Boey
The suspicious sale of Dudley House might have gone unnoticed if not for the project’s Australian contracted windowmaker, John Bond who raised the alarm, fearing he and others may not be paid after the developer appointed an administrator to liquidate their assets.
Among the documents that caught the attention of the appointed liquidating firm was an email dated March 8, 2013 and sent by a man purportedly working for Malaysian government officials which stated that a sum of  “AUS$4,785,000 in the form of introduction and consultancy fees” would have to be wired to a mysterious shelf company in Singapore, in return for MARA’s purchase of the Melbourne property.
The newspaper said it followed the paper trail for the shelf company, which led to a Singapore cake maker whose brother had introduced her to three men linked to a Malaysian government agency that wanted an offshore business and had asked her to be its front, in return for A$1,000.
According to The Age, the Singaporean cake maker’s shop was not the only front company; Malaysian officials had set up other corporate entities in Singapore and in the British Virgin Islands to buy other exorbitant properties in Melbourne, including one worth A$40 million.
The newspaper said a company called Thrushcross in the British Virgin Islands was also used to buy Dudley House, along with a A$23.5 million property on Swanston Street near Melbourne University with some of the paperwork for the latter being inked by the “porsche-loving” Erwan Ahmad.
The Dudley House case has since gone to Australian court.
The Age reported that its developer Chris Dimitriou, questioned directly about these apparent “kickbacks”, said in court: “To the best of my knowledge, that $4.8 million went to Malaysian parties”.

The Malaymailonline.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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Wrong Move by Zakaria

So many lawyer in town, yet Zakaria can choose someone who will stab him from behind.
From this point I can safely say Zakaria does not read or know enough about Shafee Abdullah.
Moving Isa to Spad is proof enough that Najib cannot touch Isa even though the latter is a criminal.
MACC will do nothing, PDRM will do nothing.
The loser in this FGV drama are Zakaria and three others whom Isa has insisted they must leave FGV before accepting the post in Spad.
How many of you know why Isa can blackmail Najib?
Many will say it is because of the Port Dickson case with Zaina Zain.

Pascal Najadi - My Fury Over Najib's Lawyer Mohd Shafee Abdullah

Pascal Najadi
Pascal Najadi
The son of the assassinated former chairman of AmBank, Hussein Najadi, has told Sarawak Report that he has deep concerns about the way the lawyer Mohd Shafee Abdullah controlled events after his father was shot in broad daylight in KL.
The shocking event took place just a few weeks before another huge personal payment by Prime Minister Najib was made to Shafee of RM4.3 million.
The payment was transacted on 11th September 2013, whereas Najadi was murdered on 29th July.  Once again, the money came  from Account no: 2112022011906 in Najib’s name, which was funded by money stolen from 1MDB’s subsidiary SRC.
Payment by Najib to Shafee from the 1MDB funded AmBank account
Payment by Najib to Shafee from the 1MDB funded AmBank account
Pascal Najadi, who was in Moscow when the tragedy occured, says that neither he nor his immediate family knew Shafee and no one had contacted him to be involved. Nevertheless, the lawyer mysteriously arrived at the hospital almost as soon as his father’s body was brought into the mortuary and started to take charge of events.
Photographs even show Shafee on the scene as an ambulance bearing Najadi’s injured second wife arrived, bringing Najadi to the mortuary:
Arrow points out Shafee in the background as the dead and injured arrived at hospital
Arrow points out Shafee in the background as the victims arrived at hospital
According to Najadi, the family soon found that this strange lawyer was muscling in on their situation and insisting on taking control. Pascal has testified:
Tuesday July 30 2013, it must have been lunch time or a little later in KL, my mum Heidi Najadi called me from the KLK Morgue where they have laid up the body of my late father… She asked me “there is this Dato Shafee running around rude and nervous acting as if he owns the body of dad and giving orders to all of us?!” I asked my mum, who? She said “His name is Dato Shafee..?!” I told my mum to pass this man on the phone to me.
This is my perception of this call. Dato Shafee was nervous when talking to me, he was breathing short and gave half clipped words answers to my question: “Can we wait with the burial please?” He stuttered to me: “No can not, all is in hand, I take care of all, he will be buried today, this evening…”
Pascal says he was shocked by the haste and by manner in which decisions were taken out of his family’s hands. He says a swift burial was not their custom and he had wanted to be able to fly to KL to attend the ceremony.
Shafee did not say “I am so sorry for your terrible loss….or can I help you are you OK? Where are you now? ” He said nothing of what a normal human or indeed a friend would say.
Shafee was the ad hoc burial master for the body of my late father Hussain without any reason, he even had the service paid every penny of it to make it fast and swift”,
says Najadi in his statement.

“I am taking charge”

Shafee, Scivetti and another joint foreign client on drugs charges
Shafee, Scivetti and another joint foreign client on drugs charges
Speaking to Sarawak Report Pascal Najadi says that Shafee had told the family that he had been ‘put in charge’ of matters, but he never explained by whom.
Shafee, whom he described as brusque and nervous, managed the entire funeral and all the related matters, yet Najadi says the family never received a bill from him.
An email exchange with Shafee Abdullah (copied to Tania Scivetti his legal collaborator and later wife) confirms Najadi’s claim that the lawyer had put himself in charge of events, telling Pascal “I am taking care of the funeral”.
The lawyer even swept aside the son’s request to have words read out at the funeral, which was being held before he could get to his father’s side, saying “it is impossible to read the eulogy you prepared in a Muslim funeral setting” – then, imperiously he declared “I will make sure Hussain gets the best send off” despite refusing to wait a few hours for the arrival of his son:
Curt response from a bossy stranger - the only words Najadi received in writing from Shafee Abdullah
Curt response from a bossy stranger – the only words Najadi received in writing from Shafee Abdullah
Pascal, who describes himself as having been in shock and frightened at the time, soon decided that the situation KL was not safe for his mother and himself and they fled the country, leaving much unfinished business in the process.
However, the role and the behaviour of Shafee has always bothered him, in particular the question over who had so swiftly assigned him to these duties and paid for his services?

Assigned by Najib?  If so, why?

Najadi says there is no evidence that Shafee had any prior connection to his deceased father.  Rather, he says, he later learnt that the lawyer was extremely close to Prime Minister Najib Razak, against whom his father had just made some extremely serious reports.
In the days prior to his mystery assassination Hussein Najadi had, according to his son, first made a formal complaint to the Bank Negara about information he had received about Najib’s huge private bank accounts at AmBank, where Najadi had once been Chairman.
Secondly, just days before his death, Najadi had made a police report about a threatening text to ‘back-off’ the matter, allegedly sent from within the Prime Minister’s Office.
In a written statement made in July 2015 Pascal Najadi told his lawyer:
“I went through the lifelong email archives of my late father to perhaps find a friendly or a business email between the two, I can confirm here, not one email nothing, no trace of contact. Shafee appeared like a flash out of nowhere buried my dad and disappeared into thin air, no call no nothing (!) He vanished fast and without a word like he appeared from nowhere on July 30th 2013. Never heard of the man again…. only after the killing I found out that this Shafee is the de facto lawyer for Najjib and UMNO and is the man who also was hired to put Anwar away. [Pascal Najadi, statement July 2015]
Pascal Najadi says he is now openly questioning whether Najib’s RM4.3 million payment from Najib so soon after these events may have been linked?  He says he has also noted that it was also shortly after his father’s tragic demise that Shafee was given the honour of the title Tan Sri:
“We are still puzzled why and how he surfaced on to the gruesome macabre scene taking charge of the burial. To this day today Shafee, who got promoted to Tan sri right after this horrible event, and his role are a mystery to me.”

Tania Scivetti

Pascal Najadi says that if his concerns are misplaced, then all Shafee needs to do is to give him full disclosure about his role and how all his costs were covered.  Meanwhile, there was another strange intervention, which he says has also bothered him, especially since he now realises it was also linked to Shafee Abdullah.
He had had struck a recent acquaintance, says Najadi, with another KL legal practioner Tania Scivetti. Scivetti’s practice is perhaps best known for supporting high-profile foreign drug offenders caught in Malaysia.  On a number of occasions, she has worked with Shafee to represent them and get them repatriated.
Shafee and Scivetti worked together to assist this and other foreigners who had got into trouble with Malaysian law
Shafee and Scivetti worked together to assist this and other foreigners who had got into trouble with Malaysian law
What Pascal Najadi was not aware of was that Sciavetti (a non-Muslim) was already the common law wife of Shafee Abdullah, whom she later married in the UK.  Shortly after his father’s death Tania called Pascal to offer her legal services and to help put his father’s affairs in order.
In particular, she offered to get the locks changed on Najadi’s offices and to hire a guard to prevent intruders taking documents.  The staff were removed.
Pascal said that he agreed to the suggestion, based on his acquaintance with Scivetti.  For some days Scivetti managed Najadi’s affairs and had total control of all access to his office and his papers.  Then, she ceased answering calls and terminated her services.  This was one email from Pascal, to which she did not reply:
Scivetti abruptly terminated services with the Najadis they say
Scivetti abruptly terminated services with the Najadis they say
Pascal Najadi, who claims his father’s murder has never been properly investigated in Malaysia, has told Sarawak Report that he has been left wondering if Scivetti and Shafee were in fact working together on his case, as in so many others?
If so, he wants to know who prompted them to get in touch and get busy over his father’s death and who paid?
“I want to know if Najib’s multi-million payment to Shafee Abdullah so soon after my father’s death was connected” he told Sarawak Report. “We know this money came from 1MDB so we have a right to know if it was and if so why?  If it was not connected then what was the payment for and who covered Shafee’s costs instead?”

Witnesses disappeared or abducted like Pastor Raymond and 3 others

Witnesses in Malacca protection racket are ‘missing’, says MACC chief

MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad says several key witnesses may have gone into hiding following major MACC operations against a protection racket in Malacca. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Najjua Zulkefli, June 17, 2017.
INVESTIGATIONS into Malacca's biggest protection racket involving the police and underworld could be scuttled after it was revealed today that several key witnesses have gone missing.
MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad said the witnesses have gone into hiding, or have even left the country.
"Investigations are still going on but there are a few witnesses that have not been located because they already ran away and are no longer in the country," he said after officiating the Sahabat SPRM (Friends of MACC) programme at Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur this evening.
Dzulkifli suspects that these witnesses may have gone into hiding after MACC moved in on the individuals believed to be involved in the syndicate that provides protection to illegal massage parlours and gambling dens in Malacca.
Last month the anti-graft body arrested Melaka Tengah and Jasin district police chiefs for their alleged involvement in the protection racket.
Several other senior officers from the district and state police headquarters were also nabbed in the operation. MACC also seized a large amount of cash in several bank accounts belonging to the suspects.
Also detained was a civilian named "Gopi" whom whistleblower site Sarawak Report alleged had direct phone contact with Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar. Khalid admitted that he knew Gopi and that the suspect had also visited his home.
Commenting on that, Dzulkifli said that they were merely claims from online reports.
He said MACC will conduct their own investigations and did not dismiss the possibility that Khalid will be questioned.
"It depends on our investigation. Whether there is a need (to call him or not) we will see," Dzulkifli said.
Following major MACC operations in Malacca, Khalid instructed a major reshuffle at the Malacca police contingent.
The police officers who were arrested and later released on bail were immediately transferred to the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman while new officers were sent to replace them in Malacca. – June 17, 2017.
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Rosmah's dilemma


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Malaysian version of Tom and Jerry

khalid-1mdbImage result for images of igp khalid on protection racket

Dzulkifli: Police, not MACC will investigate 1MDB

 | June 17, 2017
MACC chief commissioner says it has been decided in government that investigations will be left to the police.Dzulkifli-Ahmad-macc-1mdbKUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will not investigate 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) over allegations of financial improprieties as it does not want to overlap with investigations already started by the police.
Its chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad said today that it had been decided among relevant government agencies that investigations on the  sovereign wealth fund would be done solely by the police.
He said the people needed to be patient while the police performed their work in the matter.
Although he did not name the agencies, it is believed he was referring to the attorney-general’s chambers (AGC), as well as the MACC and the police.
He was speaking to reporters after the launch of the “MACC Friends” programme here.
Dzulkifli added that the US Department of Justice (DoJ), which has initiated two lawsuits seeking to seize assets allegedly purchased with funds linked to 1MDB, had not sought any information or assistance from the MACC for the latest suit filed on Thursday.
“They did not do it (request information) for this civil suit and they did not for the previous one as well,” he said.
He added that the DoJ had also not contacted the Malaysian police or the AGC even after the latter had previously expressed dissatisfaction over lack of communication on the case.
In its court filing in California on June 5, the DoJ sought to seize US$540 million (RM2.3 billion) in assets, including art works, jewellery, a luxury yacht and film rights purchased with funds allegedly embezzled from 1MDB.
The assets named in the applications included the film rights to the two comedies “Dumb and Dumber To” starring Jim Carrey and “Daddy’s Home” featuring Will Ferrell.
The action follows last July’s civil forfeiture suit by the DoJ which sought to recover all the assets including but not limited to the Park Lane Hotel in New York, a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, condominiums in New York, a private jet and expensive works of art, as well as finances related to Martin Scorsese’s movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Yesterday, Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali dismissed the latest suit, describing it as a repeat of last year’s case in which Washington sought to confiscate more than US$1 billion (RM4.28 billion) in connection with the company.
In a statement, he said neither Malaysian nor international authorities investigating 1MDB had furnished any evidence of misappropriated funds.
“1MDB… has been the subject of multiple investigations within Malaysia, including by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, auditor-general and bi-partisan Public Accounts Committee (PAC). After a review, we found that no crime was committed,” he said, adding that Malaysian police investigations were still ongoing.
He added that investigations carried out by the DoJ had also failed to provide any evidence of misappropriated funds.
Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar also said yesterday that the police would not interfere in the DoJ’s latest move.
He added that the police would not offer assistance to the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to look into the case, which he termed as a “civil matter”.

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Najib blackmailed into covering up for IGP Khalid and top guns in Bukit Aman

As PM Tells MACC To 'Back Off', We Throw More Light On Gopi's Network Of Top Cops - EXCLUSIVE

As PM Tells MACC To 'Back Off', We Throw More Light On Gopi's Network Of Top Cops - EXCLUSIVE

The Inspector General of Police yesterday conceded Sarawak Report was correct in pin-pointing his ‘family friendship’ with the big-time protection racket suspect Gopinathan Krishnan (‘Gopi’), arrested last month in an MACC swoop named “Ops Gopi’.

We identified from billing information that the alleged gangster had been in regular contact with IGP Khalid Abu Baker himself, as well as his son and brother in law during the weeks prior to his arrest.
However, Khalid considers himself to be under no obligation to elaborate on the relationship, berrating reporters at yesterday’s press conference:
“Why do you want to ask to that extent? Now you want to ask how close we are, whether we hold hands, whether we kiss? Be reasonable”
Yet, the same evidence obtained by Sarawak Report shows that not only the IGP but a whole network of his closest senior officers were also in regular phone contact with the same Mr Gopi prior to his arrest.

Federal CID Head was a top contact of Gopi’sMohammed Salleh CID

From scores of numbers linked to senior officers, which were frequently called by Gopi, Sarawak Report has already identified, for example, the personal number of Mohamed Salleh (0196000148), who is the PDRM’s Federal CID Director in charge of the nation’s gambling and vice units.

Salleh is a known protege of Khalid’s and given that Gopi and his associates from the Malacca police force have been arrested by the MACC on charges of collecting ‘protection money’ from illegal gambling dens and prostitution houses, the nature of these phone calls must indeed be highly relevant and ought to be investigated.
From billing data between January and April of this year alone, Sarawak Report has identified that Gopi dialed up PJSJ Mohd Salleh at least 8 times.
 The calls were mostly short, but one on 12th April lasted six minutes twenty seconds and another on 5th February lasted five minutes and twenty four seconds.  An earlier call again on February 3rd lasted 5 minutes and twenty six seconds:
Excerpts from Gopi's phone billsGiven the occupation of the receiver and the charges against Gopi, the content of these and all the other calls clearly needs to be fully explained.

Police Chief Of Perak also in Gopi’s network

The same data throws up a wide number of other numbers belonging to senior police officers, according to our sources, including Hasnan Hassan, the Chief of Police of Perak (0196000326).
For example, Gopi repeatedly called Hassan on 12th February.  First there was a call of just under a minute at half past one in the afternoon. Then later just after two there were three short calls lasting a total of around three minutes:Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.11.14
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.11.28

 On 14th April Gopi again called Hassan twice for a total of over three minutes and there was a half minute call the following day:Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.37.14

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.37.21Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.37.58
The two men were in touch again on 17th and 23rd April:
 Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.13.28
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.13.37

Yet Another Vice Chief – Azman Mohd Isa

Another top cop on Gopi’s phone network was the Deputy Chief of KL’s CID, ACP Azman Mohd Isa (0194000490), who is in charge of the capital’s Anti-Gambling & Vice Unit.  On 21st January there was a short call then there were four calls then on 31st there were four calls:
 Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.53.02
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.53.57
On 1st April there were three calls and two more on 3rd April:
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.55.02Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.56.05

The Perak Head of Vice – DSP Annadurai Veloo

Nine calls made to Vice Boss Veloo in January and February... why?
Nine calls made to Vice Boss Veloo in January and February… why?
Another prominent number to pop up in Gopi’s call data is the Chief of Perak’s D7, DSP Annadurai Veloo (0192639965), who once again is in charge of combatting gambling and vice, such as prostitution.
Gopi made nine calls to DSP Veloo over January and February, including a four minute call on January 29th; two calls on February 6th, both around half past eleven in the morning and a one and a half minute call on February 15th.
There were a further 12 calls over March and April, including nine mintus of chat just before 9pm on April 2nd and a spat of calls on 16th and 17th:

Sarawak Also In The Frame

DCP Abdul Aziz Yusof, the Deputy Chief of Police of Sarawak (0197000211) is also one of Gopi’s contacts, according to his phone data.
Gopi made six calls to him in January and February and thirteen calls over March and April.  Some matter had the two in touch over a number of calls on April 13th, for example:
Gopi's calls to Sarawak Vice Chief
Gopi’s calls to Sarawak Deputy Police Chief

‘Lay Off The IGP’ PM’s Office Has Told MACC!

There is a long list of other police officers whose phone numbers have been identified on Gopi’s call list, Sarawak Report has been reliably informed.  A good deal of further visual evidence has also been collected confirming this suspect’s close relations with officers at the highest level in the police force.
Also on Gopi's phone network - Sarawak DCP Abdul Aziz Yusof
Also on Gopi’s phone network – Sarawak DCP Abdul Aziz Yusof
However, this shocking investigation, which has produced cash hauls from suspect’s premises of hundreds of thousands of ringgit, now seems to be under threat. Sarawak Report has learnt that in recent days personnel from the Prime Minister’s Office have been putting direct pressure on the MACC to keep this probe away from the door of the IGP and his top colleagues.
“phone calls have been made’
a source with insider contacts has told us. How are the MACC possibly going to ignore all this evidence of such close and extensive contacts or sweep it under the carpet?
In his own defence the IGP yesterday again accused Sarawak Report of ‘targeting’ and ‘slandering’ himself and other senior Malaysian figures for reasons that he failed to define.  On the day the US Dept of Justice was reported as having filed more asset seizures linked to 1MDB (a scandal exposed by Sarawak Report) he accused our blog of making “baseless” accusations.
Yet, in the process he further acknowledged that a another article in this blog, written last year, was also in fact true.
Last year we reported that the IGP and a large number of his officers had been spotted at a five star hotel in Italy, along with their wives.  We received photographs and details of trips taken to other historic towns by the extended party.  At his press conference Khalid claimed we had mis-represented the trip, saying he was there with a sultan to “take two choppers there”.
Since the report is now corroborated, the IGP ought surely explain why he and a sultan were needed to fly to Italy to deliver helicopters and why so many officers and their wives were also needed to attend the trip?  Sarawak Report had understood that they had been on a training exercise, although the presence of wives remains a mystery.

Proof UMNO members are hooligans

Lelaki dakwa kena pukul dengan samseng Umno dalam keadaan bogel

SEORANG lelaki bernama James Hunt, mengirimkan sebuah video melalui akaun Facebook miliknya mendakwa dia sendiri dalam video itu dalam keadaan bogel telah dipukul dengan besi pemukul golf oleh sekumpulan samseng berpakaian baju Umno.

Menulis di akaun Facebook miliknya, James mendakwa dia telah dikejar dari sekolah St Anne Labuan dalam keadaan bogel, dipukul menggunakan besi pemukul golf dan dipaksa meminta maaf dengan mencium kasut ketua kumpulan samseng berkenaan.

Dia lari meredah hutan dan duri tajam untuk menyelamatkan diri namun dakwanya jumlah kumpulan samseng itu yang ramai telah berjaya menjatuhkannya di hadapan Temple Sing.

"Orang-orang Parti (Umno) P166 parlimen Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan Malaysia memukul saya tanpa belas kasihan, hanya kerana menegur (akan) memviralkan apa saja kesalahan silap pentadbiran kerajaan Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan," tulisnya.

Kiriman itu menjadi tular (viral) di laman sosial. Ketika artikel ini ditulis ia sudah dikongsi oleh lebih 5,600 pengguna-pengguna Facebook.

James Hunt

By Milo Suam

Monday, June 12, 2017

IGP Khalid involvement with police protection racket in Malacca

Operation Gopi - Connections Point Right To The Top MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

Operation Gopi - Connections Point Right To The Top MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

Mid-May officers from the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) started rounding up several figures in Malacca relating to an extraordinary police ‘protection’ racket against illegal gambling dens and ‘massage parlours’.
Senior police officers have numbered amongst those picked up along with figures described as ‘intermediaries’, who were allegedly controlling the operation on behalf of even more senior police officials at Bukit Aman, according to reports that found their way to the media.
The investigation, went under the name of Operation Gopi and large sums of cash have been discovered in the possession of a number of the detainees, including a staggering RM800,000 tucked away in the police quarters of one officer.
It has been further reported that the state officers concerned were effectively saying they had been pressured by the intermediaries who had senior contacts at police HQ (Bukit Aman) to do the collections of cash in order to keep their jobs.  If they failed to cooperate, they told interviewers, they would be removed and indeed several have been removed for refusing to do so, say sources.

Gopinathan Krishnan'Gopi' was among those arrested and taken to court - circled

‘Gopi'(circled) was among those arrested and taken to court
Sarawak Report has learnt from reliable sources that the key intermediary concerned was one Gopinathan Krishnan, known as Gopi.  Hence the name Operation (Ops) Gopi.
Under questioning Gopi has admitted everything to his interrogators, corroborating the information that has already appeared in the newspapers about high up police in Bukit Aman using him as an intermediary to manage the collection of the payments from illegal operations in Malacca.
It appears the protection racket was by no means restricted to Malacca, however, but is part of a multi-million ringgit collection scam operating right across Malaysia that has developed over the past few years.
The allegation is that it is being run from the very top of the police force and there is now considerable push-back under way, with allegations that the MACC have been ‘victimising’ and ‘targeting’ police officers and that the investigation ought to be brought to a close or taken over by the police themselves.
Given this state of affairs, it is material and ought to be known that Gopi allegedly listed in his phone book a number of very senior officers indeed (and people connected with them) whom he regularly rang. Under the circumstances it must be explained why he was in reguarly in contact with these senior officers.feeda44a789c6e860ca481fe4518d66f97031ac0After all, this protection racket has been admitted to by the arrested officers, the intermediaries and even some of the illegal operators who have spoken to reporters and have now closed their shops in Malacca.
So, these unfortunate connections simply cannot be ignored and in any normal situation all those very senior officers who had been contacted by Gopi would take a leave of absence while the matter was being investigated.
Thanks to phone billing information dated in April this year Sarawak Report is able to identify one of these senior figures linked to the Bukit Aman hierachy.
We refer to none other than the brother in law of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, who runs an arms selling business together with Khalid’s daughter.  His name is Mohd Isa bin Hussin and he is the village chief of GebokMantin, Negeri Sembilan.

Name and mobile phone number
Name and mobile phone number
According to data seen by Sarawak Report Gopi rang the IGP’s brother in law 7 times during the month of April. Given that he is now under arrest for allegedly acting as the lynch pin in a police protection racket managed at the highest levels within the police force, Khalid and Isa bin Hussin clearly ought to explain the reason for those calls.
For example, on 10th April of this year Gopi rang Isa’ mobile number 0196610914 (see above graphic) three times between just before 6pm and half past 6 from his own mobile phone number (012)6193971. 
 Why these calls on a Monday evening?Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 22.54.36
Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 15.59.25
it must also be noted that all these calls were very quick.  Gopi wasn’t having to introduce himself or circle round to the reason for his call. Both people apparently therefore knew each other well and understood the purpose of the call. They were able to dispense with matters quickly, despite having to perform a couple of updates over the hour.
Maybe it was an invitation between friends (golf) and maybe Isa bin Hussin needed to check his own availability?  Under the circumstances, whatever the reason, it should be checked and explained – no way should investigations be dropped or complaints about ‘witchhunts‘ be entertained.
The communications appear to have continued in April. Sarawak Report understands that Gopi rang Isa bin Hussin again the following day in the morning, when they chatted for a little over a minuteScreen Shot 2017-06-11 at 23.03.08
and then two days later on the evening of 13th April, when they chatted for nearly three minutes and lastly on 20th April when they had a relatively lengthy natter lasting nearly seven minutes.
So, let’s hear the explanation as to why this alleged full-time police protection racketeer was talking to the brother in law of the IGP, with whom we know he was in direct business through Nilai Arms?IGP Khalid Abu BakerScreen Shot 2017-06-11 at 23.05.20
The IGP should further make clear if there have been any other contacts between Gopi and people close to him either personally or professionally and whether or not he was also in Gopi’s phone book.
If there were such contacts he should, of course, recuse himself from going anywhere near any of the investigations and step aside from his position whilst they are underway.
Extending Khalid’s period of office beyond the statutory retirement age, which he reaches this year, is plainly even less acceptable under the circumstances, although this is Najib’s present intention.
Perhaps the Prime Minister is starting to regret having set the MACC onto a full-scale corruption probe into any topics – with the exception of 1MDB.

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