Sunday, May 22, 2016

Malaysia import people's life saving and slave them while other countries import brain
Is there shortage of foreign workers in Malaysia?
The answer is NO.
In fact there are 120,000 Malaysians without a job.
Today there are 3,000 Malaysians who are homeless and roaming in the city.
But why then Zahid says he has been pressured to lift the ban on importing foreign workers.
Zahid like his boss Najis is a liar.
Zahid wants 1.5 million foreigners for the coming GE14.
Plus it is easy money for him and his family members.
Malaysian Leaders do not care about its people.
Malaysian Leaders only care about keeping their power and position so that they can continue to suck and suck the whole nation dry.
Even the Royal Household do the same.
Today there are 2.2 million Bangla in Malaysia working and some have PR.
For every five steps we take, there is a Bangla.
Today in Kuala Lumpur there are more Bangla than Malaysians.
Just take a bus ride and see how many Bangla are there in one trip.
I travel by bus and lrt daily and I can count with one hand the number of Chinese, Indians and Malays on each trip.
Today Kuala Lumpur is a Bangla City and that so-called Tengku, Zahid and Najis should be proud.
Our Sultans will one day have Banglasian as their subject and boy I love to see how they will mince the Royalty into trash then.
But who cares as long as they are people in UMNO who love the life saving of others and wants to turn Malaysia into a ruin Nation.

After GE14, our buses, lrt and train will be similar to the above pictures.

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Edwin H Mascringhas said...

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