Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to be a millionaire

Whenever a situation arises, politicians can immediately come up with figures like RM40 millions for retention ponds to curb Kuala Lumpur floods - Ku Nan.
Then someone from Putrajaya will says 'Government will spend RM92 million to improve flood control system.
DBKL spent over RM40 million for flash flood.
River of Life RM4.4 billion.
Smart Tunnel ate up RM3 billions to date to construct and maintain since 2003 till today.

Yet we get flash flood yearly. None of the above actually cost that much. 

Specialists to study, survey and do proposal on how to clean and stop flash flood from the source of water from Selangor to Kuala Lumpur cost only RM200,000. Period 6 – 7 months.
Cost to do River of Life plus cleaning and stopping flash flood from Selangor to Kuala Lumpur RM1.2 billion.
Total cost RM1.2 billion RM200,000 only.
So if we add the cost from Ku Nan RM40 million, RM92 million, River of Life RM4.4 billion and RM40 million total is RM4 Billion RM172 million. There is an over-charged of more than RM3.1 Billion that certain people stand to keep.

NGOs and Kind Souls

In Kepong a certain group gets CASH DONATION RM15,000 daily which is then channel to Taiwan and USA.  Whatever donation in kind given that can be sold off are sold to get cash.  Again, money transfer out of Malaysia.  Business from the building generates around RM25,000 a month. They have since bought a jet, own an island and travel first class monthly overseas. MCA gives them RM100,000 monthly to maintain the place.  The building and land given free by MCA and they do get donation from the Government yearly about RM2 million. They still claim not enough money to run the organisation and demands from sponsors RM60,000 monthly.

AIDs organisation used to get millions from the Government and sponsors.  Donation and items sold generates around RM100,000 monthly. But the cost to run the whole show cost only RM20,000 a month.  Again money went into buying properties overseas and first class travel.

A gets donation of CASH RM48,000 monthly.  Sponsored food items worth around RM100,000.  Sponsored other items worth around RM50,000.  They feed around 100 poor and homeless twice a week.  They also provide household items sponsored and donated by the public.  The cost for feeding the poor and homeless is only RM1 per person since every item, labour and rental are free.  RM1 is for gas and water. 

B gets donation of RM70 per day to feel 150 homeless, poor and off budget foreigners.  The actual figure is only 70 people. Again everything is free so the cost is only RM1 per person. During the fasting month RM500 per day has been sponsored by a donor on top of the existing RM70 per day collected in advance. Other organisation come to the kitchen to cook and provide food for the so-called 150 people on Saturdays and Sundays. Rental, utilities and food are sponsored so whatever CASH donated goes into Sendiri Berhad.

Welfare gets money from Government but only 1/16 of it goes to the needy.  People working in welfare walk around in clothing, make-up, shoes, handbag and jewelry worth by the thousand.  I have been to a welfare officer’s home worth RM1.5 million.

Zakat gets money from the Public.  Again money that goes to the needy is only 1/16.  You and I know who takes the rest.

Today if you want to be rich just start a charity project or be a politician.

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