Thursday, June 4, 2015

Robbers at large

On the night of 30 May 2015 at 10 pm in USJ 1, just as my friend was getting into his car, he was approached by a young man asking him for directions. As he wasspeaking to the man, another approached him from behind and attacked him. Moments later another 8 or 10 on motorbikes joined these two in attacking him. He was punched in the face and chest repeatedly and they made off with the money in his wallet and stole his phone too.
That's where this story now takes an interesting twist.
Unknown to these robbers, every photo that they were taking with my friend's phone was being uploaded into my friend's Google+ account.
The person in the blue t-shirt is the one who distracted my friend.
My friend has already filed a police report with the police coming over to ask him questions on Monday. The police have yet (as of 8 pm on 2 Jun 2015) to catch the alleged criminals but I am asking you to share this to help the police quickly locate them.
Vincent Kok

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