Saturday, June 13, 2015

DAP risking head and limps to control Selangor

LGE and LKS are going for the kill in Selangor is not only risky for DAP as a whole but will end up with innocent Chinese being kill.
May 13th l969 lesson is lost in the arrogant heads of LGE and LKS.
Now more than ever DAP should not move in harsh.
In the near future when DAP has the right candidate to lead Selangor then by all means go ahead. Today DAP does not have a Malay Leader to lead in Selangor and will make use of a Malay in PKR as a puppet.  Such manner will not do good for Selangorians. Remember the incident in the Perak Assembly.  Is there a need to offend the Sultan of Selangor with another crisis?
LGE and LKS attack on Hadi and not PAS is because by kicking out the former, DAP knows that they can control people like Hatta, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad etc by giving them money and projects. The so-called progressive PAS members have been showered with money from the sky since 2008 and these Malays are willing to sell their soul to any party that is willing to give them millions and project at ease. Is this the kind of Malays we want as leaders.
Hudud is not the big issue here similar to 1MDB.  Mahathir uses 1MDB as an excuse to get rid of Najis while LGE and LKS uses Hudud as an excuse to get rid of Hadi.
The person who negotiate non-stop to join UMNO is left off the hook by LGE and LKS?  So why is DAP not talking about it or is it because they know that the person in Sungei Buloh has lost his power and they need not fear for his returns.
What happens if the one in Sungei Buloh returns before the year ends and becomes the Deputy Prime Minister?
But before that LKS has to die first.

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