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Peter Ong Kean Suan the Freeloader

There's no easy way or free lunch to success or wealth...
Posted: 08 Jan 2014 01:29 AM PST
Any 31-year-old who makes millions, has the titles 'Dato Seri' and 'Dr' precede his name arouses more than my admiration. It stirs my curiosity big time.

I have worked hard my whole life, lived frugally and now at the ripe old age of 65 have accumulated savings sufficient only to continue living frugally for the rest of my retirement years. After a lifetime of sweat and toil, I still don't have a title to my name or millions in my bank account.

I want to know how this Dato Seri Dr Peter Ong Kean Suan did it. How did he amass so much financial wealth at so young an age that he can play philanthropist to the hilt and not feel the pinch? I am talking about donations amounting to RM690,000. Certainly not an amount to scoff at.
This advertorial in The Star, 19 Nov 2013, got me asking 'Who is this Peter Ong Kean Swan'? 

Don't you want to learn his secret of generating wealth? Well, I certainly do. I want to learn from this making-money sifu.

Thus began my Google search to find out more about this bigger than life young man who is CEO of Surewin4u. With such a name for a company, how can anyone who invest in it not win? That's probably how this Dato gets folks to part with their money - by convincing them they will make many times more the amount they have invested in Surewin4u!
From Surewin4u website. Except for figures to impress the gullible, few specifics are mentioned. Why is this so? 

Basically, this is how the system works. The company uses the money you have invested (entry point fixed at RM25,000) to gamble on your behalf at the casino. They claim to have devised a system that is guaranteed to beat the odds at the gambling table 100% of the time, and you get a monthly dividend of 8%. They are so confident about their system they even have a refund policy to assure investors they have nothing to lose. This is the carrot that they dangle before potential investors. Those who can see only dollar signs in the carrot and not the beta carotene in it will fall for this scam.

Intrigued by this 'sure-win-for-you' system (scheme? scam?), I decided to investigate further. Guess what turned up? - this picture below of a certain Ong Kean Suan (sans titles) in handcuffs being escorted by the police to the magistrate's court on a charge of impersonating royalty to get room discount at a hotel! The picture is dated 20 March 2013. As far as I know, the company is still operating and still attracting (luring?) investors.
This looks like a direct translation from Malay in the original post dated 20 March, 2013. Eight months later, Ong is back celebrating his birthday in grand style. Is this the same Ong Kean Suan of Surewin4u?
(Photo: The Star, 13 Nov 2013)
So the question you may want to ask me - why am I so interested in this Peter Ong and his mission to help make millionaires out of us ordinary folks? Well, I have good friends who have invested their retirement savings and had their fingers burnt. That's why. A young man can still get a job and work hard to rebuild his lost fortunes. But not for a retiree. He sees his dream of retiring to a comfortable life going up in smoke.

Retirees are a favorite target of agents dealing in pyramid or multilevel get-rich schemes. We have all read about people who have lost their life savings in their desire to make money quickly and easily. Yet they don't seem to have learned their lessons. As is often the case, greed or desperation makes good people throw caution to the wind, and they end up with nothing to show for all the years of hard work and saving. The worst off are those who find themselves in debt because they borrowed money to invest in these schemes. Now life is hell  for them as they are hounded by Ah Longs or loan sharks.
If you don't have excess money to play around with, if you know next to nothing about investing, if you have no clue how the stock market works, the safest thing to do is to do nothing, and let your money remain in the bank. You won't get much in interest, but the risks are low. Alternatively, find a financial consultant you can trust and who truly has your interest at heart to manage your money. He must have an excellent track record of good returns on investments.

It is easy to tell whether a scheme is a scam or not. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, especially if it promises easy money and quick returns. So stay away from it. Your retirement savings is meant to see you through your golden years. Make sure you protect it.


Anonymous said...

Your blog quoted:

“I have worked hard my whole life, lived frugally and now at the ripe old age of 65 have accumulated savings sufficient only to continue living frugally for the rest of my retirement years. After a lifetime of sweat and toil, and years doing community service, I still don't have a title to my name or millions in my bank account.”

Now, if we were to follow your advice and see SCAMS everywhere, and it turns out
to be NO SCAM…

The key questions will be:

1) Are we not following you into your terrible life situations till the ripe old age of 65…?

2) Are we not having poor vision of following “the blind leading the blinded”?

3)Now, who becomes Malaysia Flip Flop?

4)You flip, we flop and vice-versa?

Anonymous said...

Your blog quoted:

"I have worked hard my whole life, lived frugally and now at the ripe old age of 65 have accumulated savings sufficient only to continue living frugally for the rest of my retirement years. After a lifetime of sweat and toil, I still don't have a title to my name or millions in my bank account."


Please allow me to share my observations:

Perhaps, you did not have a dynamic counsellor to propel you when young "to cross the Rubicon".

At your ripe age of 65, it is more important to have peace and serenity rather than having strings of degrees or titles, or a lot of overspilt monies which you lamented, so to speak.

Now, Peter is rich… he actualizes his dreams by giving back to society.

Peter recalls a poem written for him some twenty years ago:

We have only one life to live,
We have only one life to give,
Yesterday has begun to rust.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us!

He could choose to retire and live a blissful life, but he would not sit back because:

Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time!

(A Psalm of Life - Henry Wadworth Longfellow 1839)

In order to lead a blissful life, world renowned Dr Napolean Hills, after 20 years of research with USD twenty million funded by Andrew Carnegie came to the following down-to-earth 7-point conclusions:

* Do not hate
* Do not worry
* Do not envy
* Do not be jealous
* Do not be ambitious
* Do not be suspicious
* Do not be revengeful

To be as successful as young Peter is no free lunch for himself, albeit he gives free dinner to the audiences and guests attending his BOP (Business Opportunity Presentations) without any frills or risk or commitment on the latter.

Totally FOC, a nice dinner at the restaurants!

Peter and his brothers totally have no mountains of wealth to lean for support.

Peter and Philip earned their first millions in 2003 at the age of 20, whilst a distributor for a renowned MLM organic firm and studying full-time for their degrees, but lost everything to swindlers, two years later.

They picked themselves up and make it to more millions in 2008, but their bosses absconded and left the brothers in the lurch.

He had only RM2000 or HKD4000 with him sponsored by the parents, and with Philip, both brothers ventured abroad to Cambodia to face the brave new world.

They hoped that in Cambodia, their money could last longer.

Alas, this money could not last…!

God makes a way when there seems to be no way!

Philip won the Baccarat King 2009 competition in Cambodia.

The competition title is Baccarat King.

This is the beginning and the rejuvenating of their dreams for hope; hope for a new life; hope to make everyone’s dream comes around - Sure-Winners (圆梦赢家).

Life lives on hope.

Life survives on hope.

In countries where there are wars, even the brightest human folks have no hope.

In countries where there are wars, even the richest and the most hopeful human folks have no hope.

But, they still hope and live on hope!

Nothing is guaranteed even in traditional business of life-long working or life-long savings.

Nothing is precise and conclusive even with tons of life experiences and exposures.

Good education is also no guarantee of success in life!

But, Peter and Philip dared to dream – SUREWIN4U!

They have worked very hard for their successes in this brave new world:

* Braving Typhoon Meiwah in Honggjiao Shanghai which destroy a billboard opposite the hotel they just arrived to conduct their one of their maiden Baccarat classes.

* Braving the terrible derailment of the fastest train in the world when going to Hangzhou and many more incidents.

* Braving gangsterism everywhere

Few people who have gone through this trajectory in life could lift themselves up or dare to dream.

Life is hard, but God makes the way…

So, be thankful for what you have…

gowifdflow said...

Well it may be true from the history of the Ong Brothers.
Please allow me to tell the Surewin Story with No Fear Or Favor
I qualify myself as i was one of the many investors who participated.
I welcome comments sponsors and supporters to tell the truth so that the truth will set us Free.
Please visit you tube i have done a video.
Just type Surewin Storu

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