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Did Zahid gave instruction to have his daughter's lover killed?


Karpal searches for missing client in assault case against Zahid

DECEMBER 11, 2013
Lawyer Karpal Singh is using his political connections to locate a client, Amir Bazli Abdullah, who is at the centre of an assault suit against Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic).
Amir Bazli, from Kota Baru, failed to show up the Shah Alam High Court on December 5 for the case, raising concerns about the businessman's whereabouts.
The DAP chairman has now enlisted the help of PAS deputy president Mohamed Sabu in the search for the businessman.
Karpal said Mohamed or better known as Mat Sabu had friends and party members who may know his client's whereabouts.
"He has promised to get in touch with his friends and some party members to locate my client, who has to be present in court at the end of the month," he told The Malaysian Insider.
Mat Sabu told The Malaysian Insider that he had sent out feelers to find out where the businessman was, based on his last known address.
Amir Bazli was supposed to be present in the Shah Alam High Court to inform judge Vernon Ong the purported terms of settlement between him and Zahid.
Karpal had earlier sent an acknowledgement received registered letter through Pos Malaysia and another note through a courier firm but he did not get any response.
"I was informed there was no such person at that address," he said, adding that Amir Bazli was not reachable through his mobile phone.
The veteran lawyer said prior to July 18, Amir Bazli was easily contactable through his mobile phone and would come to his legal firm at short notice.
Karpal has requested a final adjournment, which the court had granted.
The judge has fixed December 31 in the hope Amir Bazli will be present in court.
"I have asked for a final opportunity in the hope of locating Amir Bazli, failing which the court may strike out his suit against the defendant (Zahid)."
Last month, Karpal wrote to the High Court in Shah Alam to reopen Amir Bazli's assault suit against Zahid as a mediation process took placewithout the presence of lawyers.
On July 18, Zahid and Amir Bazli had met mediator Rohani Ismail, who is also a Sessions Court judge, at the Shah Alam court complex.
Immediately after the mediation exercise, both parties emerged andclaimed that the issue had been settled but their lawyers were not informed on the terms of settlement.
Rohani had allegedly told both parties to keep the terms of settlement confidential.
This, however, did not go down well with Karpal who said that Amir Bazli's suit was set for trial in August.
Amir Bazli went missing after July 18 and had not contacted Karpal since then.
Karpal said he was unhappy at being kept in the dark on the mediation exercise, saying that a "dangerous precedent had unfolded".
He said the High Court judge must be informed on what had transpired at the mediation process even though the case was said to have been settled.
"Let him (Amir Bazli) come to court personally and tell the judge what had happened. If he is happy with the terms of settlement, let this be recorded to bring closure to the case. If not, new trial dates can be set."
After the mediation exercise, Zahid had revealed that Amir Bazli had apologised to him and that he had forgiven the businessman for falsely accusing him.
Amir Bazli had filed the suit against Zahid in July 2007, alleging that the then deputy minister had punched him in the face at the Country Heights Recreational Club in Kajang, Selangor.
He had said that Zahid had also threatened to kill him and that he was held in wrongful confinement at the latter's home in Country Heights.
Zahid denied the allegations and said Amir Bazli had concocted the whole story.
He filed a counter-claim, stating he suffered humiliation and emotional trauma as a result of Amir Bazli’s accusation.
Amir Bazli had also lodged a police report against Zahid but no action was taken by the public prosecutor which resulted in the businessman filing the suit. – December 11, 2013.
Like Rosmah, Zahid is capable of murder.

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