Friday, December 7, 2012

To laugh or to cry on empty words

 There is a joke among my children about me being the only citizen of this nation who has written countless love letters to the Government such as MACC (then ACA), Police, AG, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Menteri Besar, Bank Negara, Tribunal Courts and Judges.  Then there are the Bar Councils, Banks, Sultan of Brunei, Sultan and Agong from 1990 till today.  One can sum it as a one-sided love affair for 22 years.

To all it was a pathetic affair indeed because only 3 replied and 1 took action. The one who took action is the present Agong when I wrote to His Highness about the TNB scam.  For that I am most thankful that the only person left whom I respect and feel honored had shown he cared for the Rakyat.

Today Sultan of Selangor mentioned that the Rakyat can write to him direct instead of complaining to the press or writing in the blog.  That is good news.  But would His Highness get to read all or will the letters be thrown into the royal bins. Or would His Highness get emotional and angry and get his thugs to teach Rakyat like me a lesson.  From the past till today I have shadow dancers creeping around so it is nothing new. Even VVIP like Tun Daim had sent his thugs and spread rumours that I have stolen and cheated him when in fact those beside him are the ones doing it in broad daylight.  It is sad that people like Tun Daim can forget the past so easily.

So here are the list of things I have written to the present Sultan of Selangor and his father that was sent to the royal bins.

1.         Woman teacher (Nora Zamzam) who molested my son when he was in Sri Kuala Lumpur.  Instead of investigating the case, the owner of the school was given a Datukship and later Tan Sri.
2.         Sand stealing involving Selangor Royal Household.
3.         Selangorian were told they can get free land.  So Selangorian like me apply for just 1 to 2 acre to start a small farm.  Instead was told can only be given to Bumi Company.  Then when submit Bumi Company was told must put so and so Datuk’s as director and for that must pay RM100,000 up front.  Not enough I have come across many Indonesians especially in Gombak who own acres and acres of land.  With a red IC they own land in Selangor.  Then there are RM2 companies who applied through Selangorian connected with UMNO and got thousand acres. They keep the land for five years and later sold it off for millions. Nazri just sold off 300 acres of land from Selangor that he got for RM1.
4.         What happened to the RM500 million Zakat money that was handed over to His Highness?  If all the poor families were given RM1 million then Selangor can achieve ZERO POVERTY don’t you agree? Bonus thrown in Selangorian will throw their pride and dignity away to bow and kiss the feet of His Highness.
5.         Police and UMNO politicians involve in Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Drugs and slavery.
6.         Money collected from Night Market went into Politicians’ pockets and Mat Rempit.
7.         Stop ceramah supporting UMNO in mosque and surau.
8.         Stop civil servant from spending their working hours helping politicians in their private functions.
    I will stop at number 8 since many God Given Brain are feeling emotional and angry.  

    In 14 days time, changes will happen, hours will not be known. Are you ready?  Have you been praying?

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