Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zahrain the Teaser

For a short period of time Zahrain got our attention but then what surprises was there that is not already known to us folks. Everyone was aware that Mahathir wanted Pak Lah out but getting a replacement puppet dog that would help achieve his dream of being the master again was not easy. That was when he regretted sending Anwar to the gallow. If one were to view all Mahathir’s speeches and interviews one would have noted he did admit that he had framed Anwar. Mahathir cannot allow his pride to admit openly but there were many hints given.

After many discussion and advise from UMNO veterans it was decided that TR was the best choice given his age nearer to his final destination, position and respected by most Malays. But TR was not happy with some names on the President Council List namely Tun Daim. As time was running out Najib was chosen as an alternative. Rosmah being an ambitious woman told Najib to accept Mahathir’s conditions. Meanwhile Pak Lah was still reluctant to leave so Rosmah approached the family with carrots worth RM200 million on a silver plate. So Khairy was given the task to convince Pak Lah to leave office the same way Hussein Onn was persuaded by Mahathir and Daim to resign as Premier.

So Anwar was not wrong when he said he had the numbers because many UMNO members were confused and angry with the chess game. My in-laws and relatives so called born UMNO all voted for the opposition in the last election. Till today they are still confuse and angry over the back alley wayang kulit being played out by Mahathir and adding to more insult is Rosmah’s behaviour and expectation of reception fit for a queen.

So Zahrain do not show us the pandora box, be a man and open the box wide enough for all to see. Then we can say you are de man.

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