Friday, September 6, 2019

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No. 1  No more penalties for people who do not fast 

Peace and mercy of the Lord God be upon you; as per the royal decrees of HRH the Crown-Prince, the Defense Minister, and the vice-president of the ministerial cabinet – may the Lord God protect all of them – and the decision no. 2571 of the cabinet on 18th of Shabaan, 1440 A.H.,

no penalties are to be exacted on those who, in public or in secret, do not fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan

this comes within the framework of respecting human rights as per the Lord God's divine commands in the Quran and as per the moralistic and humanistic values within the culture of our noble society and within the vision of 2030 A.D. for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve more progress and prosperity; 

henceforth, all former decisions contrary to this decree will be annulled once this decree is applied. 

A copy of this decree is delivered to the head of the Saudi religious police. 

Signature: The Defense Minister Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saudi Ibn Nayef Ibn Abdul-Aziz

No. 2  Businesses no need to close for prayers

Saudi Arabia said it will allow some businesses to stay open 24 hours a day, an announcement that triggered puzzlement over whether it was ending rules that require shops to shut for the five daily prayers.

A cabinet decision on Tuesday permitted stores and restaurants to operate all day in exchange for paying a fee, according to the official Saudi Press Agency. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs will determine the charge, as well as which commercial activities will be affected, it said.

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