Thursday, August 29, 2019

Hussein of Steadyaku47

Steadyaku47 stop blogging for many months:  And when he started blogging again, all postings on Emilia and Naza was no more. Why? Was he paid by Naza to take them down? Even now there is still nothing on Emilia or Naza. And we have not heard of any settlement between Emilia and her husband Dato Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin….. even though steadyaku47 has been going around claiming that he has stopped writing to allow Emilia and Faisal to negotiate a settlement.

Now maybe Hussein wants more from Naza? And Naza said No. So he starts “The Truth about Naza” to “persuade” Naza into paying him more? True or false?
Hussein, who lives Downunder in Melbourne, drives a Jaguar S Type and an S Class Mercedes.. How does a blogger afford a Jaguar? Some questions need to be answered by this blogger down under!
Maybe all the hard-hitting articles that Hussein has been writing is his way of taking care of his periok nasi?  Maybe the old man is loaded from his blogging duties….another Blogger ala that Petra guy in UK?

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