Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chinese leave, Bangla comes in.

After GE14 it will be a fight between Bangla Bumiputra, Mamak Bumiputra, Pakistan Bumiputra and Indon Bumiputra to be the next leader to rule Malaysia.

People like Zahid has no love for this country because he was born in Indonesia, so his kampung is not here.  People like him will take away the wealth from this country and send them back to their homeland.  Same too with people from Bangla, Pakistan and Indonesia who are sending back billions each month to their homeland. Who are the people helping them to do that?  The very same people who brought them in because it is the easiest way to get huge sum of money into private pockets and it is legal.

So what is 1.5 million more Bangla to people like Zahid.  His brother becomes instant billionaire.  The Malays are driven back to kampung where they belong.  Those who choose to stay in the Big City can fight for crumbs with foreign workers.  Who cares?

Today it is not about caring for the welfare of the rightful Malaysians but how to drive all Malaysians to poverty.

Our schools are crowded with foreign children.

Our hospital house more foreigners than its own people.

Our jobs have been given to foreigners.

Our vote have been given to foreigners.

Our welfare children homes are housing unwanted mix Bangla, Pakistian, Indon and Africa babies.

Our Mykad and driving licences are given to foreigners upon arrival because of people like Zahid, his brother, Nazri, Hamid, Salleh, Musa and other Melayu in the Cabinet.

Who is diluting the Malay population in Malaysia, the Melayu in the UMNO Government?

Today for every 10 Malay girls/women, 9 have been screwed by either Bangla, Pakistian, Indon or Africans.

Today for every 10 Chinese girls/women, 5 have been screwed by either Bangla, Pakistian, Indon or Africans.

Today for every 10 Indians girls/women 4 have been screwed by either Bangla, Pakistian, Indon or Africans.

Today for every others girls/women 2 have been screwed by either Bangla, Pakistian, Indon or Arifcans.

Today Royal Household are also diluted the same way.

So do you actually care or feel concern the growing population of foreign babies into Malaysia?

Today Chinese, Indians and others are minority so their voices are drowned by the over populated so called Bumiputra who does not care a shit.

Everyday many Non-Malay and Non Muslim are forced to leave their homeland Malaysia because of the crude behaviour and laws set out by UMNO Government with the help of the present useless IGP and corrupted AG.

Today the population of Bangla in Malaysia stand at 600,000 excluding the 1 million unwanted bangla babies in welfare homes, drain, river, dumpsters and those fed to dogs and animals in the zoo.

Tomorrow 1.5 million more Bangla will be in Malaysia.  This time Bangla women will also be brought in to increase the Bangla population in Malaysia at a faster rate in time for GE14.

So 1.5 million plus the existing 600,000 equal 2.1 Bangla just for 2016.  Next year we will have baby boom of 2.1 Bangla Babies.  So by 2021, 2.1 million Bangla babies will be attending schools fully funded by UMNO Government in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, so where does that leave the rest of Malaysians or rather the Melayu.

Covering all the shit in the Government is easier than covering potholes in Kuala Lumpur.
If one notice, more and more Chinese and Indians are not allow to do business of every kind.

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