Monday, October 12, 2015

Free Street Food Revolution will never work
I want to challenge DBKL for their ambitious plan to succeed.
As an ordinary citizen of Malaysia when was your last encounter with DBKL officers or workers?
Were you able to talk to them?
Were you able to get a positive respond from them?
What was their reaction to your complain or suggestion?
There are many negative stories about DBKL.
Corruption is number 1 in the list.
Number 2 would be Politic.
Corruption rules DBKL.  The Mayor and definitely not from that stupid Tengku can succeed in this ambitious plan. T
This is the story not too long ago.

KL City Hall to rebrand 25 failed food courts

OVER 25 food courts run by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) have become white elephants as not many stalls are operating and are less frequented by the public.
DBKL hopes to rebrand the food courts to best suit their respective locality as their current location is no longer practical.
DBKL Licensing and Petty Traders Management Department director Ibrahim Yusof said some food courts were better suited to be turned into a retail mall concept based on their location, while in other areas they could be used as community centres, or as pinball or futsal centres.
“We will re-look at which ones are better suited for what as many of these food courts have become an eyesore,’’ he said.
Ibrahim said the top five white elephant food courts in the city among the 26 run by DBKL were in Jalan Mega Mendung in Jalan Kelang Lama, Desa Aman in Cheras, Desa Tun Razak, Batu Bata in Jalan Damai and Jalan Wirawati in Kampung Pandan.
“In some parts, we may even outsource the building to another organisation to take over the management. They may be better at managing the place than us,’’ he said.
Earlier, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor announced plans to relocate roadside hawkers into food courts in the city.
The plan also involved giving the hawkers food trucks to run their business.
“The government has allocated RM500,000 to help 50 roadside hawkers to get trucks to operate their food truck business.
“DBKL will give each hawker RM10,000 deposit to get the food trucks and we are negotiating with Tekun Nasional to help them get loans for the remainder of the fee,” he added.
Tengku Adnan also said that DBKL had carried out a census on Sept 1 to find out the number of roadside stalls in the city.
The census that is expected to end on Oct 31, had recorded 7,807 hawkers so far.
“These are people who are operating outside buildings, under trees, beside drains, and other places.
“It is time we revamped the entire set up and move towards a more clean and less cluttered KL,’’ he said.
Tengku Adnan also gave out annual allocations to five traders associations in Kuala Lumpur amounting to RM170,000.
The associations that received the contribution are Malay Traders Association, Federal Territory Bumiputera Traders Association, Kuala Lumpur Hawkers and Petty Traders Association, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya Indian Petty Traders Association and Federal Territory Bumiputera shopkeepers and Traders associations.
I have highlighted yellow to Jln Wirawati in Kg Pandan.
The reason being I have written about the corrupted DBKL man who had collected if not millions but definitely enough to purchase six houses in Taman Maluri with cash he collected not sure legally or illegally from traders who rented the place there and gone for his Haj many times.
If one wants to rent a place there, one must be prepare to settle an existing TNB bill of over RM4,000 and Water Bill of RM1,000.  Beside that there is a deposit of RM2,000 which must be in cash, rent and advance rental of RM400 (previous rate, now not sure how much). And most important YOU MUST BE AN INDONESIAN to qualify. Why you may ask and the answer is quite simple.  Indonesian will take up the offer and not complain.
Till today DBKL or PDRM or MACC have not bothered to take action against the so-called Haji in charge of that place.
Point number 2. There are many traders in Taman Maluri who do not bother to have licence because they can easily bribe DBKL officers who are happy to receive them on daily basis.
It took me 6 years to force a particular trader to get his licence but then DBKL allowed him to operate at a place that is unsuitable causing a particular house owner and her family to suffer poor health. Though the owner has complaint several times DBKL choose to close many eyes because they were bribed.
Next is an interesting story that shows DBKL is proud of its stupidity.
CITY Hall has estimated that there are 6.8 million rats in Kuala Lumpur, which is four times the city’s population, reported Sinar Harian.
Despite the RM1 or RM2 reward given by City Hall for every rat caught, the number is still huge due to the failure of clean-up efforts in certain areas.
This was compounded by the presence of illegal traders in areas with no garbage collection by existing concessionaires.
Because of the high rat population, 2,925 cases of leptospirosis have been reported in the country since August 28, resulting in 28 deaths, said the Health Ministry.
City Hall Health and Environment Department director Dr Hayati Abdullah said that more than 30,000 rats had been killed between January and August with the collaboration between the local community and hawkers via traps and poison.
They did this by putting traps and poison in strategic locations.
By rewarding for rats caught DBKL has actually encouraged people to breed more and had even encouraged a group of scammers to receive free money monthly. There is presently a couple of people from UMNO working hand in hand with DBKL officers and are collecting thousand and thousand of ringgit of free money.  
There is a simple solution but DBKL does not want that. I have gone to see them, I have written to that Federal Minister and they reject.  There is even a proven case within Malaysia that shows the decline of rats within 3 days of using my method. 
Malaysians are not ready for incinerator nor Biomass. Malaysians are selfish and lazy by nature and are brought up that way.  We go to other countries we act goody but when we are home we treat our surroundings like trash.  
One good example is the toilet.  One would think that by paying to enter one the toilet would be clean.  By gosh it smells, the sight of xxxx, broken toilet, no water, jammed up sink and broken tap is enough to drive me to finish my business quickly and run out faster than the sight of seeing a ghost.
The latest dessert from DBKL is to separate our rubbish which is not something new from DBKL.  Studies and reports were make before the birth of Alam Flora.  Even in the early stages after the birth of Alam Flora it could not be implemented because every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted a share of the pie without dirtying their precious hands.  That is right POLITIC killed it.
After so many years and to those whom I have approached and are still trying to approach for example the new Mayor.

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