Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Piggy Riders

I name these wives piggy riders because of their husband’s position. There are a bunch of arrogant bitches who are selfish, liar, cheaters and most importantly good for nothing without position and money. Take the last two away from them and they were turn into prostitutes.

A was a married woman with kids. Since her husband was lacking in name and money, she decided to use her spouse to get noticed and eventually involved with B, an anak Malaysia. Right, she committed adultery with B who was also married at that time. B had to pay A’s spouse RM2 million for the divorce. Is A a happy and peaceful wife. The answer is no because she has herpes, money and position only as her husband is still a womanizer and a criminal.

AB’s husband got his important position because of the death of his partner. AB quickly established an office in the same building as her spouse. She started organizing dinners and high tea to collect money for so called charity under the patronage of the Queen. Her husband’s company dinner cost between RM3,000 to RM20,000 per table. But AB’s dinner RM10,000 to RM50,000 and high tea RM1,000 to RM 10,000. Dinner RM10,000 is limited to only 8 tables. Dinner tables 100 while tea 70-80 tables. Every contractor in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, all the subsidiaries’ companies must buy a table whether you attend or not. At all AB dinners the Queen would either be presented with a van or a cheque for a mere RM100,000. The night event would come up to about RM250,000 and the balance collected goes to her daily golf/shopping outing all over the world. Now that her husband was thrown out by the government she has aged. Guess what, she has herpes and money now but a missing husband.

CC comes from a wealthy family. But the fortune fell because of gambling in the family. So CC had to marry someone who could help pay the family bills. CC first husband was in government, at that time it was the position people admire and look up to. So CC felt like a lady and acted like one. This does not go well for her spouse who is humble and simple and simply does not have the kind of money to thrown around. After the birth of her two girls she felt that he could achieve higher in position and they argue over his lack of interest. CC soon got involved with her spouse’s best friend who is an accountant. They divorced and CC got married to the accountant. But the marriage was short-lived because he did not want to support her entire family. Now free but still holding on to her lady like lifestyle, she swam into the limelight of the camera. This caught the eye of a womanizer who soon became her third husband. From her 3rd marriage she managed to achieve much more. This husband was willing to help and support her entire family provide she slept with the number 1 man to secure his position. Like the rest of the bitches CC’s marriage was not happy one, she tried to commit suicide by jumping from the bedroom window down to the swimming pool. CC has undergone many plastic surgeries to keep her look and shape hoping that eventually her husband will return to her but in the meantime, she has herpes and money to keep her company.

Khir’s wife is now the latest new, you will hear more if everything goes as planned in Sept 2008.

Let me tell you bitches, you can pray five times a day but as long as you continue to be dishonest and have no decent moral in your heart you will suffer before you die.

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