Friday, September 8, 2017

The eyes of a leader

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There are builders and pillars
There are supporters
There are dogs easily led
There are empty vessels making the most noise promoting themselves as been nearer to the ONE and enriching themselves in disguise

PKR like UMNO don’t appreciate the next generation of leaders.
PKR has make many lose their confidences in building the party into a strong opposition.
Instead of grooming and giving opportunities to these up-coming builders, the ones in disguise clamp down the builders and pillars with their claim of being the voice of the ONE.
Decisions are made only to benefit the empty vessels.
Empty vessels do not bring unity into the party neither do they give value that are needed to build a strong party.
People have ambition but the eyes and heart tell a different story.
I know of builders being courted with Menteri Besar and Ministerial Post from within and UMNO.
These are the ones not making a sound in today’s drama.

PAS today is led by Hadi, a man without honour and self-interest.
PAS today does not have a leader and a gentleman like Tok Guru who keeps to his words and promises.
Hadi will support Najib and Zahid after GE14 because the former has benefitted greatly before GE14 and will have a powerful seat in Putrajaya soon.
PKR is still dreaming of the good old days of Tok Guru.

I support a leader who knows he has no chance to stand in GE14.
I support a leader who stands out away from the bitching inside PKR.
I support a leader who knows that PAS cannot be trusted as long as Hadi is alive and people have lost faith in keeping this Islamic Freak party as comrade.
I support a leader who understands his own weakness and overcome it with innovative ideas.
I support a leader who rejected repeated offers from UMNO.
I fully support Rifizi who is not perfect but humble enough to sacrifice his time, energy, money and life to build strong pillars under a decay house and I believe in his eyes.

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