Monday, September 25, 2017

Lessons learnt from Tahfiz Schools

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There is a growing trend in Malay Families whereby fucking is good.  Having children is stressful, frustrating and costly.

Today more and more Malay Families send their children to Tahfiz schools thinking that the children will be better off learning unIslamic Values and Moral.  To these families it is a burden to look after their own kids, having to feed and clothe them.

While the children are left in an abusive environment the parents continue with their life style of fucking, shopping and stealing their friend’s spouse.  What a beautiful life.

I know of many families who does not care a hook the kind of environment the children faces at such schools.

Many do not care about the fire safety, hygiene in food and living conditions.  Parents do not care about developing their children’s mind for the future instead they love to have someone else control the minds of the children. Then when things go very, very wrong.  It is accepted as fated since now the parents do not have further worry about taking care of their kids.  God love them more so now the parents are free as a bird to continue their super lifestyle.

There must be a law to ban parents from having more than 1 kid as this kind of trend is growing bigger and bigger among the Malays.

Meanwhile Malaysia Government encourages, support and fund such schools because they know that the Malays will become more stupid and can turn them into Robots and Terrorists against the Non Muslim in Malaysia AND AT THE SAME TIME KILL OFF THE YOUNG MALAYS without getting their hands ink with MALAY BLOOD. 

And what does Tahfiz school owners love the most is MONEY.  For every incident Tahfiz schools receive DONATION IN THE FORM OF CASH.  

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