Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Not everyone can be accepted in death

The Monkey is coming so is death.
When was the last time you pay your last respect at a Chinese Funeral?
Chinese normally keep the dead for three days or more depending on the arrival of their love ones at an open coffin.
Before it is display to the public the body is cleaned and preserved so that bad odour does not flow out.
For the Malays the body is buried on the same day if time permit.
It is less messy and hectic.
You die now and get bury today.
No fuss, no tears, no headache and no heart pain.
Recently my neighbour passed away and within a few hours the body is buried and by dinner time everyone is back to their normal routine.
I do not like that but that is reality.
People rejoice at birth but shed no sorrow nor tears when one passes away except maybe for one or two.
Today I do not see tears in many people.
Today I do not see genuine sadness.
Today I do not see regrets.
So what happens when the one who should go, must go from next month onward till December 2016.
Do you know that when and how a person dies and the colour of the dead body can tell the kind of life one had led?
My mother-in-law passed away in her sleep, her body texture remain soft and her skin colour remain normal but we had to bury her in a flooded grave because of heavy down pour.
This means she had lived life to the best she could but the flooded grave tells that she is not fit to be buried because she holds a big dark secret and did not ask for forgiveness from the person she hurt.
The last Royal death I attended took months for the person to die and many ugly incidents happened before death arrived.  Even then the body had to be re-buried several times because the hole rejected the body.
So do take a closer look at the coming death, the colour of the body, the mood, the sky and whether the ground will reject the body repeatedly for several days.

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MalaysianFirst said...


For those that speak romanji, you should know the EXACT meaning.
When I die, my body will be recycled, this I know.
My will has been made.
Leaving NOTHING to my FALSE, PRETENTIOUS family.
There is no place to BURY, cos no moar burial land for the NONS. (manglish speaking)
The only option available is to CREMATE, in my current state of mind.
Not so bad, can travel the world again, after my DEATH.

Born as a MALAYSIAN, die also MALAYSIAN, too bad I did not gave up my citizenship, decades ago.

Biggest heist in the world

With such promising career how not to tumble down like a rolling stone.