Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beware of Lorry Twister

We found this advertising sheet in letter box. My wife called & this what happened.
* Day of enquiry:
My wife: Halo, lorry transport?
Chan: Yes, lorry transport.
My wife: I want to move from Relau to Balik Pulau, may I know how much?
Chan: It's RM730.
My wife: (Surprised) Wah, RM730?
Chan: Yes, but that is for 2 trips. so, what is your item, big or not?
* My wife list down all the items to Chan.
Chan: Your stuffs not many, I think 1 trip enough.
My wife: So, what do you mean? 1 trip different price?
Chan: Yes, Divided by 2.
My wife: You mean RM730 divided by 2, it is RM365?
Chan: Yes, it is. So, this will cover 1 lorry driver & 2 workers.
My wife: What's the size of your lorry, can fit in all?
Chan: Mine is middle size, got cover, so no worry if raining.
* Although we think the price is a bit high, we are okay as it covers 3 people, somemore got cover. We made the booking by giving all the details.
* The day has come, we never expect this would happen. An old lady came an hour earlier, just to see our furniture. She said, your furniture is bulky, and with the size of their lorry, it requires 2 trips possibly. We think twice, then agreed to proceed.
* This lorry transport registered as KHOO LEE CHAN. That old lady & 3 guys came. When we saw the lorry, it was as small as those ATLAS ICE lorry. Only 60% of our furniture fits in. We told Chan that we need second trip. Lorry followed me to my new house while my wife stayed for 2nd trip.
* After moving all my stuffs in, that old lady asked...
Chan: So, do you need 2nd trip?
Me: What? I thought I already told you that we need 2nd trip. We still have furniture there.
Chan: Are you sure? Okay, the total price is RM1460.
Me: What da... RM1460? Is there any mistake? It should be RM730 for 2 trips.
Chan: No, your wife have interpreted wrongly.
Me: No, I heard it myself too. RM730 is 2 trips, 1 trip is divide 2.
Chan: No, I said times 2.
* Well, argument went for 15 min, that thick face lady insisted that we are the wrong side. I did not want to spoil my day. I stopped the deal, so I paid her RM365, while another half get from my wife at Relau (I only have RM400 with me). Chan direct went to get the balance from my wife.
* 10 min later, I was so angry that I called Chan.
Me: Hey, you are such a cheater, you twisted thing around, you cheated me. Somemore you have over-charged me badly.
Chan: Nope, it was you who interpreted wrongly, and you agreed to take this price.
Me: C'mon, which idiot would take this price. You told different thing before after. You twisted thing around. Okay, you better give me discount. Else, your name will be very famous, I will try my best to make this your last business.
* We argued for 5 min until I ended the call. My wife later argued with Chan, until they gave RM50 discount.
* The next day, I engage another bigger lorry that charge me RM100 only.
I think they are using same trick on other victims. So, please help to stop this. Company registered as KHOO LEE CHAN. Vehicle number is PDD5756. This ad sheet is distributed to Farlim, Ayer Itam & Relau.

Darren Liu

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